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Moleskine Volant Mini Lined and Perforated


The tiny Moleskine Volant Mini notebook

The Moleskine Volant Mini notebook is one of my favorite little notebooks, and you might be able to tell since this is my second post on this notebook.  Now its not that I’ve run out of office supplies to review, but this is a slightly different version, and I also had a “what not to do” moment, and a “oh, look what else I can do” moment with this notebook that I wanted to share with you.


Inside the Moleskine Volant Mini with perforated and lined pages

As I mentioned, I did review this notebook once before and I wouldnt do a follow up review like this unless I had some more and different things to say about it.  This is  a slightly different version of the notebook because unlike the other version this one has lined pages which is much more useful for my needs since I use it to keep to do lists in.  I pretty much rely on this notebook because throughout the course of a day I tend to have a ton of thoughts about things I need to do, or ideas I want to follow up on, and the ability to keep this in the front pocket of my dress shirts for work, or simply tuck it into any pants pocket without even noticing its there is huge for me because I tend to hate having things in my pockets.  It is also great because I can tell you from personal experience that I’ve been using the Volant this way for almost every day for months, and they are very durable.


Use the Moleskine Volant Mini to hold things

Recently I also discovered that the Moleskine Volant Mini was great for an additional use, which is keeping a few small credit card sized items tucked away in it.  Because I dont like to keep big bulky things in my pockets, I really like being able to keep some basics like a simple credit/ATM card, drivers license, and transit card stored in the front cover of the notebook.  I also have a scenario in mind that I hope never happens, but keeping things this way makes me think that I ever got mugged, I could at least empty my pockets and hand them some cash but get to keep my “notebook” that also has my important stuff in it since I dont have a “wallet” as far as they can tell.


The mistake…if you keep something in your pocket, try to remember not to put it in the washing machine

So like I told you, there was an “oops” moment with this notebook, so I thought it was important to share because I figured that the horrifying picture above might serve as a reminder that may save someone else from the same tragic and untimely ending to their notebook.  Unfortunately because this notebook is so small, and because its so easy to forget that you even have it in your pocket, its easy to have something like this happen, so with the good also comes the bad,  so keep this in mind if you ever do pick up and use any of these great little notebooks…the washing machine and dryer are not its friends.

If you do decide to pick up the Moleskine Volant Mini, you can get it in multiple colors from Amazon, and although its not the cheapest notebook for how much paper is in it, I still think $6 is a pretty good deal for something so functional.  Just remember not to wash it, please.

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