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Monami Super GelQ .4mm Red Review


Monami Super Gel-Q .4mm with Cap Posted

The Monami Super Gel-Q .4mm gel ink pen is an item that was recently put in my hands by the fine folks over at Jetpens.  This review will focus on the red one, but if you check that  link out you will see that there are plenty of other colors available for this pen.


Monami Super Gel-Q Tip

This pen is your basic stick style pen with snap on/off cap that posts to the back.  The grip is particularly comfortable, and to give you a comparison, it is actually a bit softer and gummier than what you find on something like the Uniball Signo DX line or the Pilot G2.  It isn’t nearly as soft and gummy as the Pilot Dr. Grip line though.  I was a little surprised by the nose cone on this pen because although it has a chrome finish on it, the best I can tell, it is actually plastic.


Monami Super Gel-Q Refill

An interesting little detail on the Monami Super Gel-Q is the refill.  It appears that the refills are also wrapped in a semi-transparent film that matches the color of the ink inside.  Although it does have a window that shows the ink level, it does a good job of just making the ink refill look neat and orderly while being viewed through the translucent body of the pen.  It takes a sharper eye to tell when you are low on ink, but it avoids the problem that you get with pens like the Pilot G2 where you have that nasty brown goo that is visible through the body of the pen.


Monami Super Gel Q Writing Sample

Writing with the Monami Super Gel Q was a very pleasant experience but with one somewhat considerable hiccup.  Overall the pen writes very smoothly (especially for a .4mm tip) and consistently with no skipping or splotching.  It is also very comfortable in the hand, having a good balance and very comfortable grip.  The issue I did have though is that if you look closely at the scan above, the ink has a very noticeable pink tone to it.  There are a few other swatches of red ink in the sample above and next to those you can really see the difference, the Monami ink is the one on the left out of the three swatches.  I’m going to have to get my hands on some other colors of the Monami Gel Q pen to see if the colors are true before I can fully recommend them, but otherwise these are definitely great performing pens.

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