MonaVie Juice: Is It Purple Horror or Purple Cure?

What’s making headlines around the five continents? (Aside from Obama the global financial funk, that is.) Well, it’s MonaVie. No, it’s not a brand of cheap DVD players, and it’s not candy either.

MonaVie, like other successful “wonder drink” brands of the last century, is a dark and rich concoction of fruits and herbs, and if blended well, it appears purple in color. The wonder drink, which promises to heal the most common afflictions (cancer included), is retailed by a private company at $40 a bottle.

Like other wonder drinks (remember Noni juice?), MonaVie acai juice is fast gaining worldwide audience, with a cult of followers saying that the health benefits it promises are precisely what it gives. The company behind MonaVie isn’t making profit from flooding shopping malls with the product. Instead, the company has imitated companies like Avon and has structured an individual selling system that would allow people in a network to sell for profit, and at the same time, the company would be getting a twenty percent cut as well. Annually, this translates to over one million dollars in profit.

How big is MonaVie today? Think of one country, multiply the size a few times, you get a continent. MonaVie now has inroads to more than four continents worldwide. That’s how fast and how efficient MonaVie is in gaining local support through its universal promises of health and cure. The company boasts of having more than ten thousand new members a month, and this is just in the United States. Seminars draw in an average of four thousand every time.

What’s notable about the company that sells the MonaVie acai juice is that it’s actually thriving when larger corporations are backsliding, thrashing and clawing about anything that would save their businesses from drowning in bad credit and inflation. The “mom and pop” front of the company makes it even more tempting – no financial reports required.

The cult of the MonaVie acai juice thrives on rave reviews. Building its reputation from a boiling pot of “Ordinary Joe” and “Ordinary Jane” testimonials, the MonaVie aca juice is even being pitched by former NASCAR race drivers and pro-baseball players, all claiming that the MonaVie acai juice has helped prolong life and cure even addiction.

A parent, one of the “Ordinary Janes” beseeching everyone to believe in MonaVie acai juice even stated that the dark, purple concoction can even tame the more uncontrollable symptoms of autism in children.

The champions of the MonaVie acai juice have there venomous counterparts. A website devoted to thrashing the purple juice is still operational, and here, people who feel they have been “scammed” let loose the floodgates.

In defense, the company that distributes the MonaVie brand says that more than eighty percent of their sales are from people who simply want to drink the juice regularly. Which means that the ten thousand new members every month just want to get discounts for the wonder drink.

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. Is the MonaVie acai juice a purple horror or a purple cure?


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