Monetization of “Private Label” and “Master Resale Rights”

Resale rights marketing can be a very confusing. It includes many perplexing terms and complicated processes. Before you indulge in elaborate explanations of how to sell products via the internet, you should first be aware of the important terms that are used in the trade.

What do these rights mean?

If you have the “Resale Rights” to a certain product, this means that you have paid for it and can resell the product that you have and earn profit.

The next level of resale rights is the Master Resale Right. This simply means that you have purchased not just the product but the Resale Rights of the product as well. So, you can sell both the Product and the Right to Resell it but you cannot claim the product as your own.

Now, if you have a Master Private Label Resale Rights, then you can now provide the source code of the product.

Another common right is the “Private Label Resale Rights”. Having this right is more beneficial than a simple Resale Right or the Master Resale Right in the sense that you can do more than just resell the products that you purchased. Instead, you can change or alter the product name, provide it with a new brand name and sell it as your own product, provided that you have some modifications on the original piece.

Monetizing rights and products

You can opt to include Master Resale Rights Products or Private Label Products that are closely associated to your website’s overall theme or topic. Once you obtain Private Label Resale Rights and purchase a product online that you intend to resell, it will be better if you change its brand name and pair it with other Private Label Resale Rights product that are often given for free in other websites. This way, your offer becomes “unique” and more comprehensive than the original product that you bought.

In general, resale products with no rights involved are cheaper than those that include rights. If you plan to sell a product with Resale Rights, you should offer it with a rate that is 50% higher than the selling price of the package without a Resale Right. Moreover, products with Private Label Resale Rights should be sold at an even higher additional rate of 75%.

Aside from earning money by reselling, the presence of the product is often beneficial to your site primarily because it can attract its own share of web traffic. If you provide it with an appealing sales letter, your product can earn tons of cash and attract a great number of site readers.


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