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Monocera haute joaillerie enamel diamond watch

  • By Daniel T. Deleon
  • Published 12/23/2010
  • Fiction

Are you looking for a luxurious and elegant watch for you to wear for formal parties? It must be an eye-catching timepiece which catches people’s attention. If you want such a timepiece, you’d better looking for a branded watch instead of an ordinary watch. Some of the ordinary watches are not attractive at all. They are just timepieces for people to know the time. A branded piece is quite different; it is not only beautiful, but also magnificent because of the amazing quality. The Monocera Haute Joaillerie Enamel Diamond is an ideal watch for you if you want a luxurious piece which is elegant and eye-catching at the same time. The Monocera Haute Joaillerie Enamel Diamond is a perfect combination of functionality and sensual appearance. It is a beautiful jewelry timepiece. The bracelet which is crafted from 18 K white gold and decoraded with diamond patterns is very special. It is irresistible to most women. The cobalt blue surface is very elegant with grand-feu enamel. And the diamonds are excellent decorations. The designer of this timepiece is a smart and creative person. It is luxurious because of the 1.37 carats diamonds. It is surely an ideal watch for you if you want a shining timepiece. The white gold case is also shining. The diamonds and the white gold suit each other perfectly. Along with the color blue, this is a fantastic timepiece for women to wear for parties! Beautiful is not the only adjective which can be used to describe it. It is surely admired by any woman. This timepiece is more than beautiful in fact. This is a valuable timepiece as it has diamonds. Besides, the amazing quality is another outstanding feature of it. As we know, diamonds are the hardest stones in the world. Thus, the quality of this piece is surely good. Of course it should be well kept as a jewelry watch. The beauty, elegance and luxury of this timepiece are superior to any ordinary watches. The writer of this article want to invite you to stay tuned to her social profile globalreplica to obtain the freshest information.


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