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Monteverde One Touch MultiTool Pen


Monteverde One Touch Multi Tool Pen Components

When I was at the National Stationery Show, the nice folks at the Monteverde booth gave me one of their Monteverde One Touch Multi-Tool Pens to review.  I have seen the Monteverde One Touch in several places, but wasn’t sure if it was more of a gimmick than anything so I never got around to reviewing it myself.


Monteverde One Touch Multi Tool Pen Flat Head Screwdriver

The Monteverde One Touch Multi-Tool pen has some handy features that you won’t find in regular pens, such as the flat head and Philips head screwdrivers shown above and below.


Monteverde One Touch Multi Tool Pen Philips Head Screwdriver

The Philips and flat head screwdrivers are on the smaller side, however I found that to actually be a good thing.  Having this pen in my work bag with the smaller screwdriver heads is great because they are just the right size for things like the screw on the hinge of my glasses and the screw that closes up the key fob for my car alarm/remote lock and unlock.  Those are the kinds of things that you usually find yourself needing to adjust or open when you are away from home without your usual access to tools.


Monteverde One Touch Multi Tool Pen Full Body

On top of where the Philips head and flat head screwdriver are, there is a stylus tip that screws on directly over them.  The stylus works smoothly and with no dead spots or skipping that I found.  Surprisingly enough, there is also a very nice balance in the hand regardless of which end of the pen/stylus you are putting to work.


Monteverde One Touch Multi Tool Pen Threadded Tip

If you take a close look at the tip of the pen, you will see that there is some threading there.  This is very helpful for if/when you are using the screwdriver attachments on the other end.  You can screw the stylus onto this end so that you have a softer and rounder end on the opposite side so there are no issues using the screwdriver.  The pen is just a basic ballpoint pen, that writes fairly well considering I’m really not a fan of most ballpoint pens.  It wont wow you, but it definitely wont disappoint you if you set your expectations knowing that you are getting a decent ballpoint and thats it.


Monteverde One Touch Multi Tool Level

Besides the screwdriver attachments and the stylus, the Monterverde One Touch Multi-Tool Pen also has a built in level, which is pretty cool.  Apparently though, the counter where I have my photo studio set up is just a bit off level…or  maybe its the box itself that the pen is resting on?  As you can see from the various pictures above, there are also several measuring tools printed on the multiple sides of this ruler.  They include a 4 inch ruler, and 3 metric scales: 1:100, 1:200, and 1:300.


Monteverde One Touch Multi Tool Pen

Overall, the Monteverde One Touch is definitely a more serious tool than I had expected.  It doesn’t have that cheap gimmicky feel that I thought it might.  It instead is an instrument that is well constructed, and actually pretty useful overall.  At this time of year, its probably also a pretty unique gift that would be well suited for Father’s Day.

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