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MOO Lay Flat Notebook Giveaway

The response to the recent review of the MOO Lay Flat Notebook was great, and since MOO put together such a great product, they actually sold right out of these notebooks.  The good news though is that when I bought mine, I actually bought two because I knew I’d love them based on the amazing quality of everything I’ve ever purchased from MOO.  Instead of keeping it though, I figured I would do a giveaway to let someone else enjoy this fantastic notebook, so check out the rules below and enter for your chance to win!

MOO Notebook Giveaway Details:

Key rules:

  1. US Residents only (sorry, too many laws and red tape to support anything outside of the US)
  2. All entries must be completed by 12/14/2016 at 11:59PM
  3. Please don’t enter unless you plan on claiming your prize, its not fair to those who enter and really want to win
  4. Winner will be announced on the blog and emailed or contacted via social media depending on the source of their winning entry (for blog comments and email subscription lists, make sure osg@thisdomain.com is on your white list so it doesn’t go to your spam folder)
  5. Winner picked by the random Rafflecoptor selection is final

Entry Methods:

  1. Leave a comment below (required) = 1 entry
  2. Tweet the giveaway (up to once a day) = 3 entries per tweet
  3. Subscribe to the OSG monthly email (existing subscribers are eligible too) = 4 entries
  4. Follow on Instagram = 4 entries


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