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MOO Sale 25% Off Everything Ends Today

I wish I had realized this 25% off everything sale at MOO was going on earlier but I wanted to share anyway because its an awesome deal for such a high quality product and you have 24 hours left before its over.  I placed my first order of MOO Luxe Premium business about 4 years ago with the design above done by our friend Tom Oddo via his Oddo Ink Web Content and Social Media business.  As soon as we talked about the design I was looking for he nailed it the first time.  The only difference with my reorder this time was that I decided to go with the rounded instead of square corners because I think it looks better and keeps the cards from getting banged up as much.

Here is a quick look at the back of my cards, designed to look like the show through you would see on cheap notebook paper.  Between the awesome design work that Tom Oddo did for us, and the amazingly high quality of the extra thick 600 gsm paper I can honestly say that every person I’ve ever handed one of these cards to has absolutely loved them.  I don’t think the pictures alone do them justice, you need to feel them in your hand.  You can check out the original review we did over here for some actual pictures of the real product instead of just the PDF renders here as I wait for my real cards to show up.  So all I’m saying is that if you have a need for new business cards that will absolutely leave a lasting impression for your current or future customers, the Luxe premium business cards by MOO should undoubtedly be your first and only choice.  Don’t miss your chance to grab them for 25% off before the deal ends today.

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