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MOO Soft Cover Journal Review


Not too long ago I reviewed some hardcover MOO notebooks that were pretty amazing, so when they contacted me to review their new soft cover journals, I jumped at the chance.  The new MOO Soft Cover Journals can be found right here, (for 30% off today only!) and thanks to the folks at MOO for sending these over for the review.

These MOO Soft Cover Journals measure 5.12″ by 8.15″ and contain a total of 64 pages.  They can be had in a variety of colors besides what you see here, and come in ruled, dotted, or blank formats.  60 of the pages are white 90 g/m2 paper, while 4 of the sheets in the center of the notebook are a nice thick gray paper that act to divide the journal into two distinct sections.


Above is a quick screenshot from the MOO website showing all of the colors and the three formats that the pages come in.

Each of the MOO Soft Cover Journals is bound using grey threading which makes for a nice subtle contrast against the color of each of the notebooks.  In this shot you can kind of see the grey pages that separate the MOO Soft Cover Journals into two distinct sections.

Here is a better look at the grey separator pages in the center of the notebooks.  For those of you wondering if these notebooks lay flat, the answer is yes with a little bit of pressure to break them in that way. I just left this one as is so you could see the center pages and the ruled pages in the same shot.

MOO Soft Cover Journal Writing Samples:

I tried a few different fountain pen inks, some other popular standard inks, and also did a pencil and eraser test in my writing sample for the MOO Soft Cover Journal.  In the photo above you can see them all at a distance, and note that the majority of the writing was with a Pelikan M205 with Robert Oster Summer Storm ink.  In addition to the regular ruling marks you can see that each page has a circle for your own page numbering at the bottom right corner.

The scan of that same writing sample shows a much closer look at how each pen performed on this smooth white paper.  For the most part, they all performed well and the pencil eraser didn’t remove any paper or rip the paper so the overall paper quality seems to be great, as I’d expect from the folks at MOO.  You will notice however that one of the fountain pen inks did show some feathering and spreading above.  I think that is an issue with just that ink though, it was the Robert Oster Australian Syrah, the other fountain pen inks had very minor feathering.  In terms of see through it was mostly minor, again with the exception of the Australian Syrah, but that was also written with a 1.1mm stub nim so its putting down a lot of ink that has to go somewhere.

MOO Soft Cover Journal Summary:

Overall the MOO Soft Cover Journals are really high quality notebooks that would be great for every day use.  The people at MOO know their paper and they know quality, so the two things combined make for an excellent writing experience.  Grab some for yourself and find out though, as I said they are on sale today only for 30% off along with everything else on the MOO site right here.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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