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Mophie Powerstation Plus Mini A Review that Almost Didn't Happen


A few months ago I bought this Mophie Powerstation Plus Mini Backup Battery (via Amazon) because I was looking for the most compact and travel convenient battery backup for my phone that I could find that still had a decent capacity.  The reason I say this review almost didn’t happen though is that it failed on me about 4 months after my purchase, but the good folks at morphie had me covered and immediately took care of getting my item replaced.  Customer service is huge in my book so although i was annoyed it failed, I was relieved that they made it so easy to get it replaced.

In terms of its size, the Mophie Powerstation Plus Mini has a significantly smaller footprint than my Galaxy S7 Edge.  It measures 2.5″ x 0.4″ x 4.8″ which makes it super easy to slip in my pocket and take with me anywhere I go.  One minor issue about the design of the Mophie Powerstation Plus Mini that I wasn’t particularly fond of is that small power button you see there to the left of the series of small dots.  The small dots are LED lights to indicate how full of a charge you have, and the large circle is the power button.  In this picture its pretty easy to see, but in most real world situations, its incredibly hard to locate since its almost perfectly flush with the side of the unit and its the exact same color as the side. Its almost like they wanted to camouflage it to make your life difficult.

Here is a quick straight on view to see the actual thickness of the Mophie Powerstation Plus Mini compared to the Galaxy S7 Edge.  The Edge S7 measures 0.3 inches thick and the Mophie Powerstation Plus Mini eeks in only a hair thicker at 0.4 inches thick.  In terms of the weight, the Mophie is only 4.8 ounces while the Edge S7 is 5.54 ounces.  As you can see, its really quite small in comparison, making it super convenient to throw in my pocket with my phone.

Now one of the other great things about the Mophie Powerstation Plus Mini is that it comes with a charging cable attached and it has both an Apple Lightning adapter and standard micro USB adapter that all wrap around and tuck into the side of the external battery.

Here is what the Mophie Powerstation Plus Mini looks like when you detach the Apple Lightning adapter to expose the micro USB adapter.  It slips right off and goes back on very easily and I know you might be concerned (like I was) about possibly losing the Lightning adapter, but fear not the Mophie design team has it all figured out.

In the above photo the Apple Lightning adapter is securely locked in place on the side where it resides when the entire cable and both adapters are neatly tucked away.  The Apple Lightning adapter slips right in and is secured in place by a magnet.  Overall its a pretty brilliant design that allows you to carry a small but relatively high capacity battery (4,000 mAh for the Mophie vs 3,600 mAh for the S7 Edge) that doesn’t require you to throw cables and adapters in any of your valuable pocket real estate. Ever since receiving my replacement it has been working flawlessly and has come in handy on countless occasions.  For me this is a must have any time I take a day trip to the city or anywhere I’m not going to be carrying a work bag or laptop.  One thing to note when you check it out on Amazon though, there are a handful of bad reviews that appear to be for other items like car mounts that somehow got mixed up with the backup battery reviews.  Either way, its always helpful to do your own due diligence.  Also keep in mind that these come in larger sizes with bigger battery capacity, but  you can see the Morphie Powerstation Plus Mini right here on Amazon.

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