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More Cool Office Supplies on Instagram and Tumblr


Cool Office Supplies on Instagram and Tumblr

This is an unplanned post today because our originally planned post is being held hostage by a faulty Internet connection.   Luckily I’ve got my Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet and the 4G connection to at least share something this lovely Friday. As you can see from the picture above, we have created an official Office Supply Geek Tumblr page.  This will be a place for us to quickly and easily share lots of cool office supplies and related things that we wouldn’t normally share on the main site.  It’s already proven to be a great source to share content from some of our favorite products, blogs, stores, brands, and readers of our site.

In addition to the Tumblr site, we have also created an Office Supply Geek Instagram account.  Here you will find sneak peeks of newly acquired products for review before they are actually reviewed as well as shared content from our favorite friends, readers, and office supply related products and retailers.

We promise to keep the content on these two accounts fresh and unique.  They definitely won’t just be a duplicate feed of the main site, so if you need a fix for even more cool office supplies, come join us on Tumblr and Instagram to say hi and share some of your favorite office supply related findings.

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