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More Holiday Deals and Sales

It looks like there are still some pretty good deals to still be had over on Amazon so I thought I’d do a quick off schedule post to highlight a few of them.  These might be good last minute stocking stuffer ideas or even just “gifts” for yourself.  Be sure to check shipping dates if these are gifts, and also double check the prices just in case these deals end up expiring on short notice.


This giant pack of 24 Sharpie Permanent Markers has a history of being between $12-$14, but is on sale now for only $10 for a savings of about $2-$4 (Buy here via Amazon)


The .5mm Pentel Graph Gear 1000 is a great Drafting Pencil that I’ve reviewed here before, but at this price its pretty much a steal.  It would normally set you back anywhere from $12-$14, but its on sale now for only $8.33.  (Buy here via Amazon)


I’ve always been a fan of the PaperPro line of staplers, so I’d definitely recommend this 28 page capacity version in red.  Its price usually floats between $20-$30, but its currently only $13.79 which is a great deal for one of the best staplers out there. (buy via Amazon)


The Fisher Bullet Space Pen is an iconic pen that will usually cost you about $14-$18, but over on Amazon its only $12.59 right now.  (Buy here via Amazon)


These Paper Mate Flair Limited Edition “Tropical Vacation” colors would usually cost you close to $18, but can currently be had for only $10.18, which is about an $8 savings. (Buy here via Amazon)


This is a fantastic deal on refills for your Fisher Space Pen.  You would normally spend about $5 for just ONE Fisher Space Pen refill, but right now you can actually grab 3 of them for $5 , this is one of those Amazon “add on” deals though so you will need to purchase something else to hit the minimum shipping limit.  (Buy here via Amazon)


This 6 pack of Pentel EnerGel Deluxe retractable .7mm pens is usually an $8-$12 commitment, but thecy can currently be picked up for only $5. (Buy here via Amazon)

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