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Morning Glory Mach II Liquid Ink Pen Review


The Morning Glory Mach II Liquid Ink Pen in Red

In my recent order from JetPens I bought myself (yes, bought myself, I’m talking to you FTC with your new rules) a ton of new pens to try out, but one of the more interesting ones was also one of the more simple and basic looking pens.  The Morning Glory Mach II Liquid Ink Pen looks fairly unassuming, but dont let that fool you, the description on the JetPens site says that the pen will write for 5000 m, or  just over 3 miles.  Jetpens says on their site that they didnt test that claim out, and unfortunately I dont think I could justify wasting that much paper to try it out.


Morning Glory Mach II Liquid Ink Pen Uncapped

The first thing that I noticed about this pen when I got it was that the entire translucent body was filled with ink, pretty much all of the space that they could cram ink into was full, this might explain how they can make that claim about the 5,000 m of writing.  It reminds me a lot of the Pilot Precise V5 pens, which I always liked.


Tip of the Morning Glory Mach II Liquid Ink Pen

A close up of the needle tip of the Morning Glory Mach II reveals itself to also be similar to the Pilot Precise V5.  This pen has a similar smooth feel as the Pilot when writing with it, you do get a VERY slight scratchy feeling, but still a nice writing pen.  The one thing about the Mach II that I think could stand some improvement is the grip section.  I’ve never been a big fan of the perfectly smooth plastic grip sections, they just tend not to offer much of a firm grip when writing, and that is the case here.  A slight bit of rubber coating or a textured plastic would be a big improvement, but in all fairness, the Pilot has almost the same exact material for its grip section.


Morning Glory Mach II Writing Sample in a Miquelrius Notebook, and with a Comparison to the Pentel Slicci .4mm

The writing sample above was done in my Miquelrius notebook and the pen wrote fairly nicely on this paper.  There was no feathering or bleed through, but there was some show through on the back side of the page you are writing on.  The show through isn’t so bad that you can’t write on the other side of the page, but it would bother me slightly, although I know some people would be fine with the amount that was seen.  The only other .4mm pen I had on hand to compare this to was a Pentel Slicci, but being a gel ink pen, it seems to write a bit thinner than the Mach II.  I think the ink from liquid ink pens tends to spread a slight bit more than the ink from a gel pen when it hits the paper, so thats probably why my comparison here shows a slightly wider line with the same width tip.

Overall this pen writes well with a solid line and vivid color, and if it can live up to the claim of writing for 5000 m, then its quite a good purchase at $1.55 from Jetpens.

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