Most Dangerous Dogs


Authored by Crystal Crowder in Dogs
Published on 11-06-2009

Very few dog breeds are dangerous by nature. Most dangerous dog breeds have been bred as guard dogs and attack due to protective instincts. Other dangerous dog breeds are considered dangerous due to poor training on the owner’s part. Dog fighting has also given certain breeds a bad name.

Dangerous dog breeds are determined based on original breeding purpose, size, basic instincts and number of yearly attacks. Though dog attack numbers are usually low each year, sheer size of the dogs cause the attacks to be incredibly violent and sometimes fatal, especially in the event of a small child being attacked. According to studies performed by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Humane Society of the United States and the CDC, there are ten dogs considered to be the most dangerous dog breeds.

Dalmatians are very protective dogs and weigh between forty and seventy pounds. They are active and need frequent exercise. Pent up energy can turn to aggression when not released during play. Dalmatians can be aggressive towards people and other animals. They have a sensitive nature and are well known for their intelligence and survival instincts. If a Dalmatian feels threatened, attacks may occur.

Rottweilers weigh in between one hundred and one hundred thirty pounds. Due to their territorial nature, Rottweilers can be very aggressive if they feel a person or animal is threatening their area. They were originally bred to be guard dogs.

Presa Canarios were originally bred to guard cattle and fight. They are extremely powerful and are bred to be fearless. This combination of breeding, makes the Presa Canario a very dangerous dog, especially when you add in a weight of between eighty and one hundred fifteen pounds.

Pit Bulls are often the dangerous dog stereotype. Compared to many other dangerous breeds Pit Bulls are small, weighing in between fifty-five and sixty-five pounds. They are often used for dog fighting. Due to this breeding, Pit Bulls are aggressive.

Chow Chows need extensive training and constant positive reinforcement to prevent their natural aggression. Without training, they tend to fight both people and other animals. Chow Chows weigh in between fifty and seventy pounds.

Doberman Pinschers are both loyal and intelligent. They are mainly used as guard dogs. However, they are easily provoked. This makes them great guard dogs, but dangerous when you’re not sure what may provoke an attack. The Doberman Pinscher weighs in between fifty and seventy pounds.

Other breeds on the dangerous dog list include the Boxer, Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd and Husky. The Husky is the smallest of the group, weighing in between forty-four and sixty-six pounds. They are also one of the gentlest breeds on the list. Boxers and Alaskan Malamutes need training and exercise to prevent aggression and destruction. German Shepherds are mainly dangerous due to their fearless confidence.

With the proper training, even dangerous dog breeds can make wonderful pets. However, dangerous dog breeds aren’t recommended for homes with small children, especially when adopting from an animal shelter. Research any dog breed and the particular dog you wish to adopt to be sure you’re ready for the responsibility.


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