Most Eco Friendly Cities in America


Authored by Jaipi Sixbear in Environment 
Published on 10-25-2009

In recent years, numerous studies searching for the most Eco friendly cities in America have been done. It’s difficult to choose the most Eco friendly cities in America due to the number of factors involved. Each city has strong and weak points. Some are excellent recyclers. Others may be energy savers. Still, there are certain Eco friendly cities in America that really make a difference. Here are just a few of those cities.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is mentioned on any list of most Eco friendly cities in America. The city planning sector of Portland concentrates heavily on environmental factors. Portland has an effective plan for eliminating CO2 emissions. They also have a well developed light rail and transit system to lesson the amount of personal transportation. In addition, Portland has extensive bike trails, bike lanes and green space. Green building is encouraged and rewarded with funding initiatives.

San Fransisco, California

This city has made great efforts to earn a reputation as one of the most Eco friendly cities in America. In 2001 a bond issue passed involving over one hundred million dollars. This money is being used to fund wind turbines, solar panels and other energy efficient systems for public buildings and venues. More than half of San Fransisco residents use public transportation or bike and walk. There is a ban in San Fransisco on non-recyclable plastic bags and childrens items made with toxic chemicals.

Austin, Texas

Austin is another superstar among the most Eco friendly cities in America. Here you will find a huge solar manufacturer. Their main utility company uses partial solar power. Eco friendly methods of producing power provide nearly 20% of their energy needs. Austin adapted a smart growth initiative about ten years ago to insure their Eco friendly future. Like Portland, Austin has an extensive parks and recreation system with an extraordinarily large biking and hiking trail route venue.

Chicago, Illinois

Most would not expect to see this industrial giant on the list of most Eco friendly cities in America. Chicago, however is making great strides to protect the environment. Green is the key word in Chicago, where over 2 million square feet of rooftop gardens make their home. There has also been a mass planting of trees to green things up. Chicago has plenty of incentives and initiatives for those wanting to go green with their building techniques. There is even low income solar power funding.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle plans to stay on the list of most Eco friendly cities in America for a long time. Between the Green Building Task Force, the Climate Action Plan, Seattle Re-Leaf and other environmental committees, Seattle is well on its’ way to becoming one of the most environmentally friendly communities in America. These plans will work on reducing greenhouse gases, greening Seattle and promoting clean and green vehicles and buildings.

Many cities deserve to be on the list of most Eco friendly cities in America. American cities are quickly jumping on the environmental band wagon. All across the country, Eco friendly ideas and funding are cropping up. Happily, these initiatives and developments are too many to count. It’s hard to say which American cities are at the top of the list. The above are just a small sampling of Eco friendly cities in America.


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