Most Expensive Watches in the World

When it comes to fashion, certain items have fetched completely outrageous prices. $10,000 jackets and $500,000 suits simply do not compete with some of the most expensive (and some of the gaudiest) time pieces ever created. The price tags on this particular list aren’t for the easily disgusted or the faint of heart. Not a single one will be less than one million dollars – that’s the cheapest of the cheap.

The most expensive watch in the world is currently worth $25 million. No that’s not a typo… you read that right. This particular piece of millionaire fashion made by Chopard is a simple watch (as simple as a multi-million dollar time piece can be) whose face is almost lost among the plethora of diamonds that stud, coat, and ultimately encrust this ridiculous accessory. The gems three heart shaped pink diamonds weigh in at fifteen carats, a 12 carat blue diamond, and an 11 carat white diamond. The watch is also coated in an additional 163 carats worth of white and yellow diamonds, bringing the total carats up to 201. In the words of one Internet author, this watch looks like an inside out geode. Fashionable, no. Amazing… yes.

Trailing a good way behind this massively valued monstrosity is a timepiece made by Patek Philippe called the Supercomplication. This is an actual pocket watch that was made in 1932 for the banker Henry Graves Jr. The Supercomplication was actually the deciding factor in a competition that Graves had going with automobile engineer James Ward Packard as to which of them could possess the most complicated pocket watch. The Supercomplication won the contest, and it’s number of functions wasn’t surpassed until 50 years later by a pocket watch that had over 33 different functions. As a piece of history, and a supreme example of over complication, this pocket watch sold at auction for $11 million dollars.

Another watch designed by Patek Philippe (which is a watch company in Geneva) weighs in at over $4 million. This was a wrist watch that was sold in 2002 called the Platinum World Time. There was only one of this watch ever made, and it lives up to the name it was given, possessing a clock face that shows all of the time zones around the world – in addition to the current time. Made with the Geneva company’s usual efficiency and style, the Platinum World Time is just as much a unique piece of art as it is an overpriced, yet snazzy wrist watch.

And last for this list is a $1.5 million watch, a regular steal compared to these other heavy hitters. The maker is Vacheron Constantin, who marked it’s 250th anniversary with a watch called the Tour de l’Ile. This particular time piece required over 10,000 hours of research, and it boasts a number of functions beyond simply telling the wearer the time of day. The watch boasts features such as a minute repeater, sunset time, an ongoing calendar, and a number of other functions which, while not necessary, at least begin to justify the price tag. There were 7 of these watches made in dedication of the anniversary, so they’re not completely unique, but they are among a very select list.


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