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Most fuel efficient cars

  • By Mike Kelley
  • Published 10/13/2009
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With the fuel prices gradually hiking up, car fuel economy is among the most looked at specifications. A car that is more fuel efficient is sure to be environment friendly and easy on the pocket. Fuel efficient cars are the result of the recent developments and concerns related to global warming and CO2 emissions from cars. Since these cars release fewer amounts of C02 and therefore result in low car tax rates as well. Cars are ranked as fuel efficient based on the Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) miles per gallon ratings. The list of these alternative efficient cars pertains to cars that are capable of accomplishing the best gas mileage due to their explicit features and engine performance. You can find a variety of fuel efficient cars for sale and some of them are listed below:Honda Civic HybridThis truer green car use petrol and battery power alternately to make the best use of both. The car has a four-cylinder gasoline engine accompanied by an electric motor/generator and gives 40 mpg on the city and 45 mpg on the highway. This truly comfortable and convenient car also has an idle-stop feature that temporarily shuts off the petrol engine when the car stops to save fuel and minimize emissions. The car is best suited for the people having car fuel economy, interior design, reliability and safety features as their main preferences.Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Camry Hybrid has the car fuel economy rating of 43 mpg in the city an

d 37 mpg on the highway. The car uses gasoline as fuel and runs using a four-cylinder engine. According to the test results, Toyota Camry Hybrid produces the lowest amount of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide and is very environment friendly. The car uses Hybrid Synergy Drive system to remain at a single gear even if the speed changes. This highly fuel efficient car also features innovative design and outstanding comfort.Nissan Altima HybridThe Nissan Altima Hybrid combines impressive fuel economy with comfort, performance, utility and technology. The Altima runs using four-cylinder engine accompanied by electric motor and achieves 35 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. Both gasoline and electric aspects operate together or one at a time depending on driving conditions, to optimize car fuel economy and power. This alternative efficient car is perfect for those who want their hybrid to feel like a regular car.Mini CooperThe MINI Cooper has the fuel economy rating of 28 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway. The car is known as a fun car to drive and has an impressively large amount of interior space. The MINI Cooper is heavily modernized and despite the small, frugal engine and tiny dimensions, it’s designed to ride and handle like a sports car.Hydro cars or hydrogen fuel cell cars also offer a simple and cheap way to improve gas mileage for your cars. But these cars create certain problems that haven’t been completely tackled yet. However scientists and engineers have begun working on how to make it better. nopicture-9555422

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by Mike Kelley



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