Most Haunted Places in Tennessee

Choosing the most haunted places in Tennessee is not an easy task because many places in Tennessee have a haunted history. While researching haunted places in Tennessee, you will likely encounter stories of murder, suicide, Civil War battles, Native Americans, witches, and harmless or menacing ghosts of both humans and animals.

Most Haunted Places in Tennessee-The Bell Witch

In the early 1800’s John Bell moved his family to the Red River community in what is now known as Adams, Tennessee. In 1817 the family began seeing strange looking animals and hearing noises and voices. The entity began directly taunting the Bell family. The children heard gnawing sounds at night and bed covers were pulled off of them. John Bell was slapped, and taunted by the voices of the ghost or entity. His death in 1820 is said to have been caused by the entity now known as the Bell Witch.

Today it is said that you can still hear voices and see strange things around the old Bell farm. Is the Bell witch still looking for descendants of the Bell family to haunt?

Most Haunted Places in Tennessee-Carnton Mansion

From the back porch of Carnton Mansion you can see over 1400 graves of soldiers who died in the Battle of Franklin during the Civil War.

The battle took place near Carnton Mansion and wounded soldiers made their way to the mansion owned by John and Caroline McGavok. Caroline fed and tended to the wounds of as many soldiers as possible. Confederate soldiers buried the dead outside of the Carter House, which was nearby.

In 1866, John and Caroline had the bodies moved to Carnton. Caroline recorded as much information about the men as she could to help give grieving families peace of mind.

The ghost of a restless soldier has been seen in and around Carnton Mansion. Visitors have also claimed to see the spirit of Caroline McGavok, as well as the ghost of a cook who had worked at Carnton Mansion.

Most Haunted Places in Tennessee-East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University is said to be haunted by several ghosts. Burleson Hall is haunted by the daughter of a former professor. It is believed that she committed suicide and her spirit still remains in the building.

Gilbreath Hall is believed to be haunted by the spirit of Sidney Gilbreath. Uncle Sid, as he is referred to, will shut any open windows and doors when a thunderstorm is approaching.

The Old Library at East Tennessee State University is said to be haunted by a former librarian. After she retired, she would volunteer at the library to help put away books. The former librarian had a heart attack and died in the library. Since then people have had the feeling of being watched, and would find materials that they had pulled down put back in place even though there was no one else around.

Choosing the most haunted places in Tennessee was not easy. The Volunteer State is full of haunted places that will provide some frights to any ghost hunter that dares to check them out.

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