Most Haunted Places in Virginia

What are the most haunted places in Virginia? Whether one is looking for a good fright or is genuinely interested in paranormal science, Virginia offers many different types of haunted places to visit including Colonial-era homes, battlefields and cemeteries. Not all ghosts that inhabit those haunted places are friendly, however.

The Peyton Randolph House is one of the most haunted places in Virginia. Located in Colonial Williamsburg, it is one of over 150 buildings that make up the Williamsburg Colonial Village. Ghost hunters with faint hearts may want to think twice about visiting this haunted house. Believed to be home to at least 23 ghosts, the Peyton Randolph House’s ghostly inhabitants are not all friendly. Many employees have had ghostly encounters, including a security guard who reported being locked in a basement by a ghost when investigating strange noises. Another employee insists a ghostly presence attempted to push her down the stairs. Because of that incident, many female employees refuse to go upstairs or only do so if escorted by someone else.

According to another account, a young child died at the Peyton Randolph House as a result of a ghostly friend – Elizabeth, who pushed her down the stairs. There have also been accounts of seeing a ghost believed to be Mrs. Peachy, one of the original owners of the house. Mrs. Peachy is believed to have awakened many guests in the past by calling them by name before commencing wringing her hands with a worried expression on her face.

Also located in Colonial Williamsburg, the George Wythe House is likewise one of the most haunted places in Virginia. This Georgian mansion, built circa 1755, has some lively spirits. Many have seen and heard unexplained things that can only be attributed to the the spirits haunting the George Wythe House. The home is haunted by a Colonial woman who has been seen and heard noisily climbing stairs, dressed in her finest satin gown coming from her closet, and seated brushing her hair. It is also believed that she and her ghostly husband have been heard having a loud argument long after the house was emptied of visitors.

The top of the stairs has been noted to have unexplained cold spots, which paranormal researchers believe are related to ghosts. In addition to the Colonial woman and her argumentative spouse, a group of gentlemen ghosts have been seen seated near a fireplace. As for the boo factor, one hostess claims to have felt a presence push her back when she walked through a cold spot and another claims to have received a tap on the shoulder, only to turn and have no one behind her.

Virginia’s battlefields and Confederate cemeteries are also among the most haunted places in Virginia. Because plantation homes served as hospitals for both Union and Confederate soldiers, many of them also make the list of most haunted places in Virginia. Haunted battlefields in Virginia include Chancellorsville National Military Park, Spotsylvania National Military Park, and Fredericksburg Military Park, according to AmericanBattlefield.com. Civil War cemeteries are also among the most haunted places in Virginia. Lebanon, Virginia’s Confederate cemetery is reputed to be haunted by soldiers begging for help. In Front Royal, the Prospect Hill Cemetery is said to be haunted by a Confederate soldier riding a white steed. Also haunting Prospect Hill Cemetery is a soldier and a woman who have been seen crying at graves.

Due to Virginia’s rich history from Colonial and Civil War eras, there is no shortage of haunted places to visit. Before embarking on ghost hunting at any of the most haunted places in Virginia, be sure to ask for permission.



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