Most Popular Children’s Books of 2008

There are many popular children’s books from 2008. Some are books for elementary and middle school children and others are for preschool children or infants who enjoy the illustrations as much as the tales. The most popular books depend upon the age and interests of the children. There are dozens of books that flew off the shelves in 1998. However, there are a few books that stood out among the crowd at many bookstores. We will look at a few popular books for babies and preschoolers as well as some popular books among students in higher elementary school grades and middle school.

Younger Children

For young children who delight at flip books, “Gallop” was a popular choice. Rufus Butler Seder both wrote and illustrated this fun book. Horses gallop as parents and children flip through the pages. There are some words accompanying the pictures, but the true delight of this book is the flip book design that brings the book to life.

Another popular book for young children in 2008 was “Knuffle Bunny Too“. This book is about a girl’s beloved stuffed animal. A fellow classmate has the same stuffed bunny. The book relays the story of what the little girl does when she learns she brought home the wrong stuffed bunny! This heart warming story was created by Mo Willems.

A story that teaches young children an excellent moral in 2008 was “Zen Ties.” The author and illustrator, Jon J. Muth tells a creative story about a Buddist panda. There is an elderly neighbor that frightens the children until the panda tells the kids not to befriend their neighbor rather than being afraid or being rude.

These are just a few examples of any number of memorable books for young children and their parents. Educational book that are fun for preschoolers and parents alike were very popular as well. For instance, the “Alphabet” book by Matthew Fleet was designed to provide young children with a way to learn the alphabet while also learning about Safari animals. This book has everything from Scratch and Sniff pages to fun pop-ups.

Middle Aged Children

“Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley” is a book teaching children that your friends do not need to be just like you. In fact, some friends are very different and yet form a lasting friendship and bond. This fun story by Aaron Blabey is a must read for children who are learning about friendships.

Another popular book about friendship was written by Jacqueline Wilson. This book tells a lovely story of friends who were both born in the same hospital on the exact same day. Their friendship was able to withstand even when they were torn apart by distance between them. “Best Friends” will teach children that true friendship can withstand challenging times.

Middle School Students will enjoy, “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.” This book series by Jeff Kinney was a hit in 2008. As the student keeps a journal of his experiences during his middle school years, he writes stories and doodles sketches in his diary.

These are just a couple examples of many popular children’s books from 2008. As it has been for several years, The Harry Potter series was also popular among the age group that was able to benefit fully from the tales in the series. You can find other best selling books for children for last year by visiting your local bookstore.


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