Most Popular Clothing Brands for Teens


Authored by Samantha Herman in Clothing
Published on 02-05-2009

For teenagers, it’s all about the labels. Friends and foes want to know what kind of sunglasses you are wearing, what brand your shirt is, and who makes your kicks. Here are some of the most popular brands for teens.

Juicy Couture is plastered on the rear-ends of women all over the US. It seems like everyday their tracksuits gain in popularity. But Victoria’s Secret is giving Juicy a run for their money with the PINK line. While much of Victoria’s Secret clothing and loungewear is geared toward an older crowd, PINK is edging into the younger market with sweatpants, hoodies, and summer dresses.

Rocawear is for every teen who idolizes Jay-Z. And isn’t obvious why everyone looks up to him? He’s rich and married to Beyoncé. Thankfully, the clothes are designed for people who live the same lavish lifestyle as Jay-Z. They are reasonably priced.

Emily the Strange is the most popular line among the dark, depressed sorts. This clothing line could bring out the emo in even the perkiest of people. The clothes might not be quite as interesting as the accessories, though. Black purses and messenger bags with skulls ensure that a statement is made.

Dickies has been around forever because the clothes are basic and well-made. Those clothes are about as close to indestructible as you can get. The clothes are a little more expensive than some others, but look nice enough to wear to school and are comfortable enough to lounge in.

Abercrombie & Fitch is another popular brand, and they certainly sell a certain standard of beauty. Their hiring practices have been scrutinized under microscopes for some time now because they have been accused of racial discrimination. They hire attractive people and have a very constrictive definition of what is beautiful. This information makes parents leery of forking over money, but creates for teenagers a link between beauty and Abercrombie clothes.

Lucky and Diesel are probably about tied in popularity among those who live in jeans. Both brands sell other products – shirts, hoodies, and so on – but their jeans are plastered on everyone from celebrities in magazines to the cute boys in shop class. If you’ve some dough to drop on a killer pair of jeans, Lucky or Diesel are the best choices.

For teens, there is a lot of pressure from peers to always look a certain way. Labels are a means of showing status and a tool for fitting in. But it’s nice to be reminded every once in a while that the clothes don’t make the person, and a good personality will always be more beneficial than a Juicy tracksuit. But it’s still a mighty fine tracksuit.


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