Most Popular Collectible Cars


Authored by Geoff Vaughan in Automotive
Published on 01-22-2009

Whether the economy is doing well, or if it’s in the tank, there will always be a segment of society that appreciates and collects fine automobiles. Car collectors view their vehicles as works of art, and many spend hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars on their collectibles. Although many types of cars are prized by collectors, there are several models that are a cut above the rest and command the highest prices.

Classic Ferraris

Perhaps the holy grail of collector cars is the vintage Ferrari. It seems as if a classic car auction just isn’t complete without a stable of Ferraris to draw everyone’s interest. In fact, in May of 2008, a 1961 Ferrari California Spyder sold for almost 11 million dollars, breaking the record for the most money ever spent on a car. Other popular models of Ferrari include ones from the 1950’s like the 250GT Berlinetta, and 1960’s models such as the 212 E Montagna. Even some Ferraris from the 1970’s are fetching well over $100,000, such as a 246 GT Dino which brought in $137,500 in auction in 2007. There is never a shortage of demand for these classics, as they stand the test of time in terms of elegance and engineering.


If you envision the Beach Boys driving around California, undoubtedly the image that springs to mind is a “Woodie” station wagon with a surfboard hanging out the back. Turns out, many collectors love these cars as much as the coastal crooners did, and well-cared-for specimens can fetch big bucks on the auction circuit. I’m not talking about those big station wagons in the 80’s with a decal on the side that looks like wood, but the rounded wagons in the 40’s and early 50’s that were actually made partly with real wood. Some examples include the Ford Super Deluxe and the Chevrolet Fleetmaster, both models produced during the 1940’s.


A roadster made between 1913 and 1937, the Duesenberg remains a popular car with collectors around the world. In fact, the name is thought by some to be the origin of the expression, “a real Doozy,” meaning something that is great or powerful. During its prime, this make was one of the most popular luxury automobiles in the U.S. and Europe. These days, many collectors take notice when they see a Duesenberg on the auction block, among them Jay Leno, who owns several of these classics.


Whether you pronounce it JAG-war, or JAG-u-ar, there’s no getting around that classic versions of these cars are often well sought after by collectors, and rightfully so. If one of these beauties was good enough for Steven McQueen, then it must be a fine specimen. A classic example is the D-Type muscle car from the 1950’s, which can fetch millions at auction. And the XKE Roadster from the 60’s is a popular one as well. This automaker turned out some great vehicles during those days, so it’s no wonder they are fetching large amounts at auction.


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