Most Romantic Restaurants in Los Angeles

The City of Angels is home to some of the most romantic restaurants. In Los Angeles, a romantic meal may include cosmopolitan Indian dishes, feature Tuscan delights, or offer up Mexican City style fare with a twist.

An Out of This World Experience at the Bombay Palace

One of the most romantic restaurants in Los Angeles offers the kind of multi-ethnic and sophisticated cuisine that is unique to Bombay, India. Known as the Bombay Palace on L.A.’s Wilshire Boulevard, this upscale venue stands out because of its breathtaking décor. Calling to mind the white suited English travelers of yesteryear, the atmosphere is one of understated elegance, and it only seems natural to dress for a fine dining experience.

Dishes are traditional with a modern twist, vegetarian, but there is also plenty to tickle the palate of the meat lover. You may enjoy minced lamb or lightly spiced chicken or fish. For the more adventurous diner, there are spicy dishes that are included in the menu selection. Best of all, the cost of the meal is only midscale, making this one of the most affordable romantic restaurants in Los Angeles.

Let the Atmosphere of Tuscany Work its Magic

Turning your attention to Italian dishes, Il Cielo on Burton Way offers authentic Tuscan style ingredients and recipes. Owner Pasquale Vericella is determined to welcome you in a surrounding that celebrates nature and beauty, while at the same time infusing its own inimitable mix of magic into the meal.

Try the risotto con funghi porcini, and you will agree that the food is most certainly authentically Italian, bespeaking an atmosphere of red wine and the Mediterranean sun. You need to dig just a bit deeper into your pocket for this dining experience; just keep in mind: it qualifies without question as one of the top ranking most romantic restaurants in Los Angeles.

Bring the Colorful Delights of Mexico City to Your Plate

Rounding out this collection of the most romantic restaurants in Los Angeles is a Mexican eatery. When you first drive by The Gardens of Taxco on North Harper Avenue, you might not think of it as a spot that offers romance. Truth be told, its exterior looks just a bit like a 1970s style chain eatery.

Once you enter, however, you are transported into the festive atmosphere of an elegant Mexican residence. The menu is not printed, but instead recited in song by your guayaberas-wearing wait person; the language is flowery and sure to put you in the mood for whimsy and also culinary experimentation. The menu is prix-fix, which makes this an experience that is easy on the wallet.

Of course, when searching for the most romantic restaurants in Los Angeles, it goes without saying that it is the company and the mindset that play the greatest role. That being said, the atmosphere of the surrounding and also the enjoyment of the palate do play a big role in the success of the evening. With these eateries that Angelenos swear by, you simply cannot go wrong.


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