Most Useless College Degrees


Authored by Haliyma Barrow in College Education
Published on 02-16-2011

No one wants to go to college and after a few years discover they were studying for a useless college degree. A degree signifies that you have completed an entire course of study and you have been officially certified in that area. Wasting your time and money at this level of study is definitely not recommended and it is best to have adequate knowledge of what you would like to study before you begin. There are many ineffective degrees that are not popular and will result in you not being marketable in the workforce.


A degree in philosophy can be considered a worthless degree as this course revolves around thinking. Taking this course will cost you thousands of dollars and the course focuses on studying and researching questions that have no answers. Professors of philosophy do not teach the subject, but rather encourage a deep-thought process among their students. This degree is a waste of time as the demand for philosophers is almost non-existent.


This course is the study of the paranormal and is offered at many universities and colleges worldwide. This is largely involved with things that are considered to be fictional. Therefore, it is deemed a hopeless degree that will prove futile in your job search.

Queer Musicology

This degree is the study of feminism, gender and gayness intertwined with the science of music wrapped into one course. It is centered on the notion that once you are gay, music producers who are gay will sound different to you than if you were straight. This ineffective course of study will have absolutely no meaningful impact on your contribution to the labor force.


Studying for a degree in poetry is oftentimes likened to wasting your parents’ money in higher education. Poetry can be done without attaining a degree. In this course of study, you would have graduated from university with a worthless degree that even if writing jobs were available, you would be heavily limited.


Studying Latin in college or university will eventually amount to nothing as Latin is no longer spoken or translated. It is hardly used in everyday written communication and all that has already been written in the said language has been translated.

There are many useless degrees that are available from colleges or universities. Therefore, when choosing your area of study, ensure the relevance of the course and verify the demand in that area. Higher education costs a considerable amount of money. Make an investment that will propel you into a job that offers you a reasonable salary and great benefits upon graduation. This can be seen as an investment in yourself for you to reap the benefits in the future. If you have chosen an area that is not marketable, then you will not realize any gains once you have left college or university. It will result in you wasting several years of your life. This may eventually lead you to return to school to pursue a more meaningful degree.


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