Mother’s Rights for Custody of Children

If by chance you are struggling to come to a common ground with your children’s father about custody, the information below is going to help you. For years divorce has been a long and winding road of stress, frustration, and even traumatic on the children. So to be blunt about it all, there is no easy way to go about this if the two of you are not getting along. Custody battles are extremely hard on women, but hopefully after you read everything here you will understand the mother’s rights for custody of children.

The Courts Point of View

Keep in mind this depends on where you reside, but the courts point of view on custody rights plays a major role. In today’s world child cases just like yours are determined by what is in the best interest of the child. This could mean who lives in a better school district, neighborhood, better care, and on a lower note money is brought up. However, money is no longer the number #1 reason.

So if you are struggling financially and have to come up with means to keep the custody of your child, do not worry too much. Since the government has positioned several different funding sources for individuals like yourself, they tend to look more into the living areas, arrangements, and how good of a care giver you will be for your children. Then again if this is not you, the financially stable can revert back to the other scenarios.

Shared Parenting

Listen, we have no idea what your scenario looks like on a piece of paper. Keep in mind though that the courts will want to promote having both parents in the child’s life as much as possible. In this instance you can ask for shared parenting. Even though it will be hard in most cases to get along with your ex and see them constantly, it is better for the child. Definitely the most important thing of all.

Then again, you will see additional help from the other parent during a shared parenting setup. This means help with child care, living expenses, food, clothes, school fee, and just about anything else you can think of off the top of your head. Sometimes the other parent is not aware of all the stipulations involved in shared parenting which can be a bonus for you financially.

Tax Benefits

If the shared parenting role does not come into play then you must take the necessary steps to insure yourself and your child. When going through the divorce decree, try to figure out everything you are entitled to as the primary care giver. When each tax season comes around you could receive an Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and even a Child Care Tax Credit. These three alone are enough to keep things going for the following year without feeling like you are struggling.

The Real Rights

When it is all said and done, it is the child’s rights that are most important. They have the right to live in a good atmosphere with parents who both love them regardless of the indifference. This means an ample amount of time with both parents as well as having the adults work together to proved a better overall quality of life for your child. If you can do this, then the court diversion will not be a big issue. If you cannot, then be prepared to enter any of this information into your decree. These are the real mother’s rights for custody of children and will be used if necessary.


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