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Motivational Sticky Notes StickyQuotes


Motivational Sticky Notes StickyQuotes Package

One of the great things about attending the National Stationery Show is getting to meet new people with great products and ideas.  One of those people this year was Michael Russo who had his new product there, called StickyQuotes. The name and picture of the product above probably already give you an idea what these are all about, but lets take a closer look.


Motivational Sticky Notes StickyQuotes Samples

These motivational sticky notes, called StickyQuotes, come in packs of 50, and each of the 50 StickyQuotes have different quotes on them.  They measure about 2 7/8″ square and are also made in the US which is a nice touch.  Over on the StickyQuotes website you can order individual pads of 50 or a set of 24 pads (8 yellow, 8 blue, and 8 green) on a retail ready wood display stand that is hand made by Michael.  They even have an option to customize them.

Motivational Sticky Note Quote – My Favorite

Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs

I’ve been in a ton of work meetings, conferences, and training classes where the event planners make sure to leave small toys and other items at each desk to give you something to fiddle with and occupy you during breaks.  I think these are perfect for those situations so you can leave little inspirational notes for your co-workers or peers.  I’d probably write a To/From or add something myself to make them a little more personalized to the situation.  Either way though, these are a perfect for the corporate event planner to leave on tables to help motivate and encourage employees.  They are probably great for keeping at your own desk at work too for those situations where a co-worker needs a pick me up or you just want to recognize someone and make their day a little better.  I would definitely recommend picking up a few of these StickyQuotes pads so you can be the superstar of your group and help motivate your peers and co-workers.  Sometimes its the little things like these that can help your career and just help make work a more pleasant place for you and everyone else to be.  In addition to all of that, its also nice to know that you will be supporting a motivated young entrepreneur that probably has many more great ideas in his head that we may be lucky enough to see one day. Check our these motivational sticky notes over at the StickyQuotes website or you can also pick some up via Amazon.

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