Motorhome Accessories: A Quick Guide


Authored by Kumara Velu in Home
Published on 03-26-2009

Here are some accessories you could consider for your motorhome.


Are you pressed for space in your motor home? If you’re, you could consider adding a room to it. This will come useful especially if you wish to stay put in a place for quite a while.

You can choose from two popular add-a-room options – standard or LTD. The standard add-a-room is value for money. It comes as a one-piece vinyl room. Apart from being light in weight, it features sewn-in privacy panels that are completely reversible. What’s more, you can hold down the panels with Velcro fasteners on rainy or windy days.

If you want a more spacious option, you could give the add-a-room LTD a try. What’s great about it is it can turn your awning into a spacious room complete with privacy panels. You could roll up these panels should you need fresh air and roll them down if you’re in need of privacy.

Interior Sun Control

There are four types of interior sun control to choose from. If you have a large windshield, you could give the smart visor or power visor a try. If you have large side windows the slide visor or power slide visor would be suitable. To keep out the blinding rays of the sun, you can use the vent shade. If you need to control excessive skylight, then the skylight shade would do the trick.

RV Window Covers

There are three options for you to choose – windshield cover, window cover and sunshades. If you would like a full view of the scenery outside you could opt for the windshield cover. It has the ability to cut out up to 95 % of the sun’s heat and glare. With the windshield cover, you would not have to use your air conditioner much often. The window cover, on the other hand, reduces room temperature while cutting out the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If you want to cool down the interior of your motor home, you could use the sunshade to cut out the heat accumulating indoors.

Tow Bar

If you would like to have extra mobility during your travels, you could do well to tow your car along with your motor home. This could be made possible by the use of a tow bar. Make sure the warranty of your motor home doesn’t become void if you need drilling or welding to fit a tow bar. Have a qualified engineer design and fit a tow bar and make sure it’s made of premium grade steel.

Gas Detector

This is one item you should include in your motor home in the name of safety. They come useful in case of a gas leak. Most gas detectors are of the 12-volt DC type with 46mA of current draw. Make sure the detector comes with the ability to eliminate false alarms that could be caused by the use of hair spray or cleaning aerosol spray.


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