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The Muji .38mm Gel Ink Pen Uncapped in Green

A few weeks ago when I went to the Muji store in NYC, I picked up one of their .38mm gel ink pens along with a bunch of other stuff.  I was mostly curious how it compares to similar .38mm gel ink pens considering it was only $1.50 instead of $2+ which many other competing products sell for.  Also, some people have let me know recently that they are glad that I have not been using the “creepy hand” anymore…so I’ve resolved that issue special just for those folks…hope you enjoy.


The Muji .38mm Gel Ink Pen Capped

The Muji .38mm gel ink pen has a very simple and plain design, which I always appreciate.  It is also quite light as compared to many other similarly sized pens.  Whether writing with the cap posted or totally removed, there is hardly a noticeable difference in the weight or balance of the pen since it is so light.  Although I found the design of the pen to be very visually appealing, I was slightly disappointed with the grip section and comfort of how the pen handled.  The part that caused a little bit of uncomfortable writing for me was the fact that the grip section is so small, and does not have any material or texture applied to it to make it more comfortable to hold onto the pen.  There is also an issue with how the end of the barrel comes to a fairly rough straight edge right at the point where you would likely grip the pen.  These two issues did not make it horrible to write with the pen, but they made me immediately realize that the $1.00 difference in price was probably due to the fact that there was no extra material used in the grip, and the design was kept very basic.


Muji .38mm Gel Ink Pen Writing Sample in a Black n’ Red Notebook

Outside of my particular issues with the writing experience regarding the grip, the pen did lay down a very nice line with a pretty smooth feeling for the most part.  I say “for the most part” because in general a .38mm pen is only going to be so smooth, it will always feel a tiny bit scratchy compared to wider tipped pens.  According to the description on the Muji site, this pen was designed to keep the ink from bleeding on the page and to make sure that the lines were solid and consistent.  Both of these qualities were very evident to me when I was using this pen.  I also found that the ink dried quite quickly on the paper in my trusty Black n’ Red Brand Notebook, which might make this a good pen for left handed writers.  Overall this isn’t a bad pen for the price, as the visual appeal and the way it actually puts ink to paper is quite nice, so if you think you wont be bothered by the same grip issues that I had, it is definitely worth taking a chance on the Muji .38mm gel ink pens.  Also, if green is not your ideal color, these also come in Blue, Lilac, Purple, Sky Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow Green, Black, Light Blue, Pink and Sakura.

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