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MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen Review

I came across the MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen on Amazon recently and was surprised because I know of MUJI because of their awesome store, but I’ve never seen their fountain pen before.  Its a pretty simple and well done pen that feels great and seems to be constructed in a very solid fashion.  Lets take a closer look, but as I said, I grabbed mine on Amazon right here.


The thing that surprised me the most about the MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen when I first picked it up was its super light weight.  The pen has a full aluminum body and cap, and with the ink cartridge installed, it only weighs 0.711oz.  The overall length of the MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen comes in at 5 3/8″ capped, 6 3/8″ with the cap posted, and 4 15/16″ with no cap.  Even with such a light weight, this pen feels incredibly well constructed and solid.

Something thats really unique about the MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen is how the cap posts and also closes.  The above picture shows the cap on the right and the top of the pen body on the left.  Instead of using friction to secure the cap to the outside of the body, the pen cap instead has a lip that slides into a narrow gap in the top of the pens body. It makes for a very firm and tight fit, never once feeling like it is going to wiggle or slip off.

Of all the things that I found compelling about this pen, there was one thing I wasn’t exactly thrilled with when it comes to the MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen.  I normally like the knurled metal grip on any pen or pencil because it usually gives such a comfortable and firm grip.  In the case of the MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen though, the knurling is so shallow that it really doesn’t provide that much extra friction when gripping it with your fingers.

The nib on the MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen being reviewed here is a medium, stainless steel size 5 nib.  In my entire time using the pen, I din’t experience any amount of nib creep or leakage.  For such an inexpensive pen and nib, it performs well in these categories.

MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen Writing Sample:

I found that writing with the MUJI ALuminum Fountain Pen was surprisingly nice.  Again, for the price, this pen writes incredibly well.  The nib has a slight bit of tooth to it, but based on my preferences has a perfect balance of not writing too wet or too dry.  Beyond that though, the pen has a very nice and balanced feel to it while in the hand and writing, even with it scap posted and its fairly light weight.

I think my only issue with this pen other than the fairly shallow knurling on the grip has to do with the ink cartridges that come with it.  It comes with 3 short international standard cartridges with black ink.  My issue though is that the black ink is definitely on the lighter side and appears grey in some situations.  Obviously since you can use other ink cartridges or a converter, this isn’t a long term problem to deal with.  This offering from MUJI is definitely worth consideration if you are looking for a high quality but inexpensive fountain pen, so check it out here at Amazon.

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