Music Festivals In December


Authored by Jackie Acosta in Music 
Published on 12-03-2008

As the 4th quarter of the year approaches and the big summer music festivals have passed, many may feel down knowing that next summer is a year away – as well as the huge music festivals. A good line up of music festivals for 2009 are already being promoted in their respective websites and music lovers are booking as early as a year away. This is a good move for the serious music fest fans who need to travel half way across the globe to attend as tickets usually run out months before the event. Music festival fanatics need not wait too long to attend a gathering of the music souls as there are events still to watch out for. Music events as big as the Coachela may not be around the corner but there are still a good number of upcoming exciting music festivals to look forward to for the remaining part of the year!

The Blip Music Festival 2008 will be held in New York City from December 4-7. It will be a four-day event featuring around 40 international musicians and artists. The Blip Music Festival is aiming to highlight evolving niches such as the chip music which is a global phenomenon that merges clubbers and gamers. Over 40 artists from growing underground scene of chip music will be attending to represent the genre’s various styles. The Blip Festival will also be holding workshops, presentations and screenings as day time activities. The event will take place at Studio B: 259 Banker Street, Brooklyn New York 11222.

There are 2 good reasons for music lovers to visit South Africa in December – The Virgin Festival in Johannesburg AND Cape Town. The festival was first held in England in 1996 and the success of the event has brought the festival to Canada, the USA and Australia in the following years. The Virgin Festival 2008 is the first in South Africa. A roster of popular international bands such as Maroon 5, One Republic and Snoop Dog, among others, are set to play as well as a number of popular local bands such as The Parlotones and Dirty Skirts. The event will happen on December 13 at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and on December 16 at the West Coast Ostrich Ranch ride outside Cape Town. The music festival is expected to attract 60,000 attendees.

A smaller-scale music festival, The Charlotte Pop Fest, especially organized for pop music lovers will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina on December 13. The event will feature local artists such as James Deem, Ed James and other local flavors in a fun-filled day of pop music. This music festival is organized to support the World Vision: Sponsor a Child charity. All proceeds will be donated to the cause.

Music festivals are a great way to end the year, seeing the remaining festivals for 2008 may be an additional consideration and inspiration for music lovers planning for a 2008 last hurrah. It is never too late for a music festival!


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