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Music Press Release: A Musthave for the Rising Artist

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 07/14/2010
  • Writing

With the economic crisis nowadays, everybody appreciates the beauty of free publicity. Artists on the rise do not have the means to generate much publicity for them to become popular in a short span of time because this actually costs a lot. But many still pull off the impossible feat of becoming popular with lesser cost. How can this be done? The simple answer is by writing a good press release. This will be what the information-hungry mass media are looking for and, at the same time, the tool you need to cement your place in whatever industry you want to be famous in. The music industry in not an exemption to the above rule, and the value of a good music press release is unparalleled. The music press release can be used to make you or your band famous by featuring any news worthy information to help you connect with the public such as your success story or the unique assortment of songs you feature, announce your next gig or concert, or just about any publicity you need and want as an artist.

With all the competition present out there, what separates you from the others is a good music press release. Before submitting a release, be sure to spend more time in coming up with the best. Research on the type of audience that you have and write a release which you know will appeal to them. If you are a hit to the teenager populace, be sure to use

terms which they can relate to. Cover as much base as possible while being mysterious enough for your audience to actually check you out. Try to check if you have all parts of the release covered especially the contact information. This is important for those with a promotional Web site which directs your fans or audience to such site for important announcements. Proof read your press release many times. You can obtain an editing service for this if you have written the story yourself or if you have acquired a press release writing service, have your manager or other trusted people read the story first. It’s better to delay the publication of the release than to cover up for a bad release, which can ultimately damage your career. This is where finding a service, which knows what they are doing and has good reviews, comes in. A quality service will ensure that you generate the publicity that you need as a rising star and help your career take off. Find the right type of media to publish your release. The Internet is a good medium because of the number of people that use the Internet day in and day out. This is especially useful if you have a Web site because this will help in generating traffic for you to achieve higher rankings on search engines. For the traditional type of print and radio, find a medium which are read and listened to more by your target audience or fans.

The power of a good music press release should never be underestimated.



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