Must Have Travel Accessories for 2009


Authored by Rodney Southern in Travel Preparation
Published on 03-29-2009

With airlines making changes to luggage policies, the implementation of travel accessories has become more imperative. Keeping this in mind, must have travel accessories for 2009 are geared to make this transition easier by offering devises to help maximize your luggage by assisting you in getting the most for your dollar.

The policies that have been recently implemented by the major airlines in regards to luggage restrictions pertain to 2 factors; weight and size of the luggage itself. With that having been said, must have travel accessories for 2009 are items that tailor to these factors. It is for these reasons the following items qualify as must have travel accessories for 2009.

Digital scales: Digital scales are a must have travel accessory for 2009 as one can easily determine the weight of carryon luggage. Major airlines require that carryon luggage weigh less than 40lbs.Digital scales take the guess work out of carryon luggage by allowing an individual to weigh the item themselves prior to taking it to the airport.

Packing cubes and organizers: Packing cubes and organizers are a must have travel accessory for 2009 as they aid in creating more space in luggage. Major airlines require that carryon luggage be less than 45 inches in combined length allowing them to fit in the overhead compartment of the aircraft. These items are easy to find and are a great travel accessory to add for this reason. Packing cubes and organizers can also help to minimize the need for an additional checked bag for longer travel periods.

Bottle slings: Major airlines allow passengers to bring ready to consume food and beverage items on board the aircraft. Bottle slings are a must have travel accessory for 2009 as they free your hands of having to carry bottled beverages of all kinds. Why juggle with both your bags and beverage when you can simply throw the bottle sling over your shoulder?

Airline approved bottles and quart sized plastic bags: With the implementation of 3-1-1 by TSA in 2006, these items are still considered a must have travel accessory for 2009. Liquids larger than 3oz can only be brought along in your checked baggage, so for liquid items to be packed in a carry on it must be 3oz or less. Many travel size health and beauty products are now manufactured in accordance with the 3-1-1 policy in mind and are clearly labeled as “airline friendly” for this reason.

Padded laptop bags: Everyone accidents can happen, and with many of us being reliant on our technological devises for working on the road (or plane) a padded laptop bag is a must have travel accessory for 2009. Padded laptop bags help to minimize the possibility of damage to your laptop from an accidental drop.

Travel accessories for 2009 can minimize the sting of luggage restrictions and the possibility of additional luggage charges. For those of us that travel for business, these travel accessories are a great investment as the money saved by their utilization can quickly add up. All of these must have accessories for 2009 can be found online as well as at your local retailer.


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