Must Own Digital Camera Accessories

Authored by Gary Eugene in Gadgets, Photography 
Published on 12-21-2008

Professional photographers would agree to a number of necessary digital camera accessories that would simply be great to own. Focus should be on the necessary ones for they are instrumental in getting good pictures.

You definitely have to have a camera bag. Digital cameras, being tiny and fragile, must be protected at all times. The camera bag need not be big. Its main purpose is to guard your camera from possible harm. In buying a bag for your camera, consider how you intend to lug around with it. Are you going to have other things placed in it aside from your camera? Will you bring additional batteries for emergency cases? Do you have to bring the manual along in case you encounter minor difficulties in its operation? A cleaning piece of cloth for the lens, perhaps? What you buy should depend on your needs and requirements.

To feel confident that you will never miss that important moment your child or grandchild does a milestone, you must definitely take a snapshot. There are two important digital accessories for your camera you ought to own: additional battery and a spare memory stick or memory card.

There are digital camera batteries that are quite expensive, particularly the rechargeable kind. Do not cringe. They are a must-have. There are also the disposable types, if you prefer them. You do not know when you will need them, so always be prepared.

Having a memory card or memory stick with huge space is not enough. Be sensible enough to always maintain a spare. You never know if the card or stick you are currently using gets damaged while in the middle of a shooting feat.

They may come as unnecessary, but a lens cloth is always handy for removing spots, especially if you are shooting continuously. With a digital camera, you get to notice immediately the presence of spots.

Tripods come in various sizes. The standard kind is also an elemental digital camera accessory which cannot be overlooked. A tripod lets you stage a shot, fix the timer, then allows you to get in the picture. Some tripods are conveniently modest in size; they could be put with the other items in the camera bag.

And when you are finally done with the fundamentals, search for specific add-ons that are exclusively sold by your camera’s maker. If yours is a Canon, for example, you have to be cautious because accessories are oftentimes brand-sensitive.

Now, you have all the things you need. Impress yourself and friends with how spectacular your shots are with the help of your digital camera accessories.


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