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My feeling on wearing the aline wedding dresshtw002

  • By Nicole White
  • Published 02/15/2011
  • Fiction

The wedding ceremony was drawing near. These days I had been quite nervous, worrying I might bungle the wedding ceremony which, perhaps, is the most important moment in my life. However, it turned out to be a perfectly dream-like experience to me. As I turned up on the red carpet, a loud applause of admiration broke out among the attendees of my wedding. My friends even couldn’t help to claim that they have never seen me as beautiful as now. I really enjoy the whole thing and I attribute it to the white wedding gown I chose with deliberation. Actually, I had hoped to manifest the best of me in the wedding ceremony. For example, my slim waistline, slender figure and white tender arms. And this wedding gown quite fit into me. Its a-line style perfectly sets off my slender figure and slim waistline. Besides, its sleeveless design enables my arms lay bare to the attendees’ eyes. This is perfectly what I had dreamed of a wedding gown.   And still I can’t love more of the lace and appliqué decorated on it. It makes the whole of me more vivid and graphic. In addition, it makes the gown seem more exquisite and artistic. Still, the long train dragged on the ground is what I had dreamed a wedding gown should have. That day, I did feel the divinity of wedding ceremony when I advanced slowly and solemnly on the red carpet, being conscious of the long train dragging gently behind me. At time, I felt like a queen walking up to her throne. I wonder whether I will still have such feeling if there is no train dragging behind.   And another merit of this wedding gown is that it wears comfortable. Being made of satin, it touches smooth and soft by skin. Moreover, it is light in weight and you won’t at all feel cumbersome. When you wear it, there will be something ethereal and fairy-like air about you. In all, it is just the wedding gown I have been dreaming of. The author is specialist on cheap gucci shoes and composes articles and reviews on the product for years.

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by Nicole White


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