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My feeling on wearing this wedding dress

  • By tanmus willson
  • Published 01/31/2011
  • Fiction

At the first sight of the wedding dress, I have been totally seized by it. Actually, it is the ideal wedding dress that I have ever prefigured. Different women have different definitions of an ideal wedding dress. It is actually depends on the personal taste and disposition. As far I am concerned, this wedding dress is just what I want. I am woman longing for romance by nature. For long I have been dreaming of a wedding as romantic as that of a princess in fairy tales. So a ball gown of a wedding dress or a plus size one doesn’t fit into my taste. Instead, this A-line wedding dress, being elegant and ethereal in style, is the very thing I ever dreamed of. As I try it on before the mirror, I really pass myself for as a proud princess. And then I am hungering to manifest my true self in the wedding ceremony. The sleeveless design of this wedding dress meets this demand of mine. The bare arms communicate my confidence to all the attendees. And to the setting of the snow-white dress, the merits of my skin will only be magnified. Still, the sweetheart design of the neck comes as a surprise to me. It definitely will add sweetness and cuteness to me. However, even more surprising is the lace and embroidery which I think, are the highlight of the dress. These fashion elements add the dress more vitality and modernity despite its original elegance and delicacy. I like such creative modifications. And most importantly, the wedding dress, being made of satin, touches soft and comfortable. If the imminent wedding makes me feel like the happiest woman in the world, this wedding dress strikes the same feeling in my heart. It just wears so comfortable. My friends also make positive comments over this wedding dress when they appraise me in it. They all say it really fits into my demeanor. So I guess it will be the one I dress in my wedding. Don’t you hope to have your own discount burberry watches at very cheap price?

I like play foot and listen music

by tanmus willson



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