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My first expericence shopping online!

  • By Sharon Baptiste
  • Published 06/7/2011
  • Article Writing

Now I would like to say something about my first online shopping. It was irritative. I followed the procedures, registered, and paid the money. I have to admit that there are so many uncertain factors, and I know nothing about the sellers and I know nothing about the products except a picture showing there, can I receive the products at last? Are the recieved products the same as those showing ones? What if he lied me? And what should I do if I didn’t received the products but have already payed? I was puzzled by this questions, especially when I have payed the money. At last I chose a shirt and payed, although there were so many uncertain things. and then it become waiting with great anxiety, two days, three days, four days, no news about that, when it became the seventh day, I heard my phone rang. It was the express person, and it came at last. My heart went back to my stomach. It was so disgusting! The shirt is so small I can’t put it on at all, not the right color either, I want a pink one, but it was a red one, I send the words to the sellers and told him that I wanted to get back my money. To my surprised, he apologized to me and saied that he would retern my money back at once when I resend the products to him, and he would pay for the resend fee. So at last I got my money back again. That is my first shopping expericence online, although I didn’t buy anything in the end, but it let me know that the online shopping is credible, and after that I got to know more about the online trading and began to purchase online.


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