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My hobby

  • By Mark Wolfe
  • Published 06/3/2011
  • Writing

I have a hobby. It’s ordinary but fulfilling. I have a collection of personal watches. Each time I add a new member to the family, I get a special feeling, a feeling of satisfaction. I collect valuable watches. They are not only told valuable by their prices but also by the amount and year it was made. Gold watches, diamond watches, silver watches, I collect many of them.My favorite collection of all are my Omega Constellation watches. It’s special from it’s appearance to it’s fuctions, proving Omegas herritage and pioneering spirit. Omega constellation watches are most seen on the hands of the most successful women. The Omega constellation sets up a competition between itself and Rolex. Omega Constellation steel and yellow gold designs with two tones are among the top of the line in Omega Constellation watches. Omega Constellation collection also includes many classic design. Designs back in the 80’s up to designs now, posing in my watch collection.

Rolex is my second choice in my personal collection. I would always choice one

to wear in special occasions. Dining outside in comfortable restaurents with one of my Rolex feels just right. Many men would pick a solid gold Rolex with diamonds, but I rather choose one simple. A watch that shows it values throught the feeling and the design that aren’t show throw the value of gold and diamond, but of course, I love gold and diamonds.Patek Phillippe ranks first of all luxury watches. Owning one is dream of most men. Also a dream of mine. Patek phillippes ranks from its design and it’s price. The average price is 13000 dollars. The noble art realm and it’s expensive materials shape it’s price. Patek phillippe watches are not sold in markets. It take an average of eight years to make one. Even if you are a millionare, you would have to order it.Watches are important to many people. It is like a symbol of your place in the society, especially China. Watches show value, it shows your taste in life. Collecting watches is a hobby of mine since I was young. It somehow brings out the memory I had pucharsing each one of them. Holding the time of my greatest memories and happy momments.



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