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My love of silver jewelry

  • By Jimmy H Greenberg
  • Published 11/16/2010
  • Article Writing

No matter in the old days or in the modern world, jewelry is a woman¡¯s favorite. Usually, women are fond of jewelry for a number of reasons: some wear jewelry to show their status; some look at jewelry as a way to store wealth; some use jewelry as an accessory to be more beautiful. Surely, jewelry may be made from any material, usually precious metals or shells. Sliver and gold are two typical materials for making jewelry. As a woman, I am fond of jewelry as well, especially silver jewelry.

In the old days, only gold jewelry designers were allowed to have their names signed. Later, in the early 1990s, things changed a lot and silver jewelry designs began to be allowed to have their names signed as well. Since that time, Thomas Sabo, a famous silver jewelry brand, began to be known by thousands of women from a

ll over the world. Actually, I love Thomas Sabo very much for many years. Its special designs are fashionable enough to catch every young woman¡¯s attention. Every year, I buy one or two silver jewelry from Thomas Sabo.Tiffany is another famous silver jewelry brand which I like very much all the time. In fact, Tiffany is loved by most young couples. Its silver couple rings sell well all over the world. This Valentine¡¯s Day, my boy friend bought a pair of Tiffany silver couple rings as gifts. I do like them and believe that most young couples are the fans of Tiffany.

As a young lady, I have a large number of jewelry, diamond rings, gold necklaces, crystal bracelets and so on. However, among all of them, the price of silver jewelry is comparatively low while the design of silver jewelry is always fashionable. Thus, silver jewelry is my favorite all the time.


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