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My perfect spaghetti strap dress

  • By Pam Green
  • Published 11/9/2010
  • Satire

This wedding dress was highly prized when my wedding was hold. My  husband, my parents, even my grandpa said again and again that it` s  beautiful when I tried the dress on. It` s surprisingly happy that I  could buy such a beautiful wedding dress on the internet. I made the  best choice to get this one after I made many comparisons and tried many  others. I think I astonished all the audience in the holding hotel when  I stood at the gate welcoming the guests. I dreamed of being the  shiniest focus of all the stars. It` s important to choose the best  dress for a wedding. My wedding dress will be treasured forever. 

How great it is that the unique way the dress is designed makes a  chubby girl like me look very perfect! The Spaghetti and low cut dress  shows figure very well without even a bit chubby. The floor length dress  is the right length in front and with a long, spreading

train in the  back. The billowing flare is down to the ground. When I stand at the  steps in front of the gate, the chiffon flare is down to the lower  steps, which makes me seem more tall and slender. This style is noble  fashion, showing the pureness and the awe of royalty, which best suits  the beautiful chubby lady. Many people think that there is no good for  chubby and fat lady to wear long wedding dress. But after I tried this  dress, that opinion is not all right. The three design points make it  suitable for chubby lady. The first point is its low cut Spaghetti strap  tunic and the second is its Sleeveless and tight waist design. The  third is its billowing ground length flare in front and a long train in  the back. The empire waist dress with best chiffon indicates its owner` s  noble taste. 

I` m very happy to share my experience with you and I will treasure  my wedding dress and introduce this kind of dresses to all my  girlfriends.



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