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My personal phoneOPPO A 103

As the role to link the information net all over the world, the mobile phone industry has occupied an important part of the high tech industry. So far, the mobile phones are widespread. That is to say, almost everyone possesses at least one cell phone. It is a matter of course that the functions of the cell phones have enriched day by day. Next, I just want to introduce the functions of my cell phone definitely. With the champagne exterior appearance, my mobile phone is faddish as well as succinct of a board-type. The unique crystal keyboard brings about nobleness and even the staying quality of my cell phone. In terms of the performance, my cell phone owns the resolving capability of 240 * 320 pixels with liquid crystal display screen. Moreover, it supports MP3 / AAC/AMR music format and even MP4 video 3GP/file format. The main menu of my cell phone adopts the universal 12-pane design with brown appearance. The icon seems to be full of stereo perception and appetency. With no icon to cut over the flash, the whole interface seems pretty concise. When it comes to the text message functions, OPPO support the association and memory of the phrases. The limited number of the reserved text message could be one thousand. Here I want to emphasize that it is the MP3 product that make the OPPO brand grow up. Therefore, it is not surprised to see that the music-playing function of the phone is relatively better. Next, I intend to introduce something of its picture-taken functions. OPPO A103 provides special mode, the white balance, exposure compensation, photo quality, photo size, and even pat on night mode, which could bring about tremendous interests. Otherwise the internal of A103 possesses enriched serviceable tools. The word-searching function must be one light spot of my cell phone. Not only could the procedure realize the unitary mutual translation between Chinese and English, but also it could satisfy the reading of words and articles. From some certain perspective, it is a good way to learn English. All in all, my cell phone has kept me company for more than one year. Many thanks to my mobile phone. The author is affiliated with http://www.sunglassescool.com, which is the prominent police glasses seller. Please click the above website for more information.



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