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My Printer Won't [ Fill in the Blank]


Instead of a review today, I have a PSA for you regarding printers, and its pretty simple.  Although I had initially had good results with my Canon MX922, it recently decided that it doesn’t recognize black ink after only a little over a year of use.  Unfortunately after lots of time researching and troubleshooting I’ve found that the only way to fix this issue is to take it in for service.  So for a $100 printer, I’m assuming it makes more sense to replace it than to take it in for service, which is a HUGE shame.  I will however recycle it rather than just throw it out.  Apparently if I had Googled something like “my printer wont print black” I would have seen a lot of information on other people who had similar experiences with this printer.


If you want a great write up on how bad the home printer situation is, I’d highly recommend checking out a great article from our friends over at The WireCutter.  There is also a great comment in there with a link to a Harvard School of Public Health study on the potential dangers of laser printers in the home.  As someone who is pretty picky about the products I bring into my home in order to make sure I’m not doing harm to my environment, I read this and decided a laser printer was definitely not for me.  As is the point of their entire site, The WireCutter also has a list of their recommendations on All in One Home Printers.


Anyway, with all of that said, I’m obviously in the market for a new printer and am currently considering the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630 (via Amazon).  I’ve had an Epson printer in the past that I really liked and the photo quality was amazing, but if anyone has any other suggestions for an all in one printer that they have had long term good experience with, I’m all ears and would love to hear your experiences good or bad about any printers you would recommend or NOT recommend.  Sometimes knowing what NOT to get can be just as important as a recommendation on a good product to get.

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