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My views on dressing up

  • By firles venkey
  • Published 03/13/2011
  • Fiction

With girls growing up, they will pay more and more attention to dressing. So am I. I love beautiful clothes and shoes, even handbags. Like other girls, I want to be dressed up everyday. And for my own, I hold the opinion that I am good at this sort of thing. So today I am here to share my views of dressing with you girls.   Have your own style When you look at a person, you will look at his clothes firstly.Because clothes reflect a person’s taste.If his clothes match him, you will have a good impression on him. On the contrary, you will not want to see him again. Everyone should have his own style, including you and me. Whether mature style or sweet style, choose one that suits you most.   The one suits you is the best That dress may look great, but it does not suit you. Because your butt looks very large when you wear it.” Have you often hear it from your friends? Do not be angry, she is for you. The one suit your body is the coolest one. Don’t wear clothes of different textures You can’t wear clothes of different textures, as if Polyester shirt and Cotton trousers, or Cotton T-shirt and Silk coat. It looks weird. The color of clothes must matches each other Do not wear clothes whose colors are not same but more or less alike. It is ugly. Jeans match everything But please keep a principle in your mind: Jeans can match every fabric and every color. So if you do not have enough time to match clothes or you are not good at that, jeans are your favorite choice. Jeans on, then you can wear every one you like. It is very convenient to you.



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