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My vision on the watch

  • By Mark Wolfe
  • Published 06/14/2011
  • Non-Fiction

With the rapid development in the industry, many well-designed and qualified things are now within our reach. This phenomenon pulls all fields of society into the fierce competition. However, there are indeed various choices for the businessman to choose to make the profit. To me, the watch market is my affection.   Why I did so is because that watches are not just to tell us time, they are the emotional extensions of their owners. First, the male-styled watch stands for young, carefree and cool. The female-styled watch means trendy, city and modern. The successful man regards the watch as the symbol of their status and wealth identification. The cute smart woman sees the watch as a token of their fashion and elegant decoration.

Second, watches represent time, and time represents the eternity. The lovers send watch

es to each other to express the wish that their love can be eternal as time goes by. The friends send watches to each other to hope that their relationship can last forever in any time. To the last, watches have the meaning of “all the time” Parents give the watch as a present to the children who leave the home far away is just tell them although they are apart for a long distance, they are indeed still together every time. Soliders who have to have a long distance from the family for the work affairs, when they watch the watch,they will feel that they and the family members are living in the same time and having the similar happiness. In this sense, watch is not only the object, but also a feeling that bonds the people together. From above analysis, I can draw a conclusion that the watch market is very promising and far-reaching. It’s never too late to involve yourself into it.  



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