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MyLifeUNIT Fineliner .40mm Review

Anytime I see an item on Amazon with a ton of reviews and promoted as a “Amazon’s top Choice” with their little branded logo, I get a little skeptical.  With that said I thought I’d grab a set of these MyLifeUNIT Fineliner Color Pens in .4mm (via Amazon, obviously) to see what I thought of them.

The first thing I noticed about these MyLifeUNIT Fineliner pens (besides the really odd name) was the fact that on the package they are described as being .4mm, while in the product description on Amazon they are described as .38mm.  Now this isn’t a huge difference, but its sloppy and a bit misleading.  I mean is it that hard to get a basic characteristic about your product right when writing the description?  Mistakes happen though, I guess so I can let it slide.


Although it doesn’t relate to the actual performance of the MyLifeUNIT Fineliner pens, I found the sloppily finished caps to be a bit of a detractor for me.  If you notice on the blue and aqua pen caps, there is a sloppy bit of finish on the grey plastic transition of the cap to where the color inserts are.  Again, not a huge deal, but indicative of quality control issues I’m sure.

Personally I’m not a big fan of overly excessive branding an dother “decoration” on my pens or notebooks, so the MyLifeUNIT Fineliner (again, whats with that name) to me has gone overboard in that sense if you just look at the picture above.

Now if I were to give a positive bit of feedback to the folks responsible for the MyLifeUNIT Fineliner I’d say that the metal cone around the plastic porous tip of these definitely feels like a sturdy and well done piece of manufacturing, especially at this price point.  In my short period of use with these, I haven’t noticed any mushy tips or receding of the tip into the metal sleve, so thats a positive.

MyLifeUNIT Finelienr (painful to type that name) Writing Sample:

Writing with the MyLifeUNIT Fineliner (ugh) pens was a hit or miss experience.  While they wrote flawlessly with no skipping, bleeding, or feathering, I did still have multiple issues with them.  For my taste, the orange, red, and black colors were really dull.  The colors seemed kind of lifeless and dead to me while some of the other colors like the blue and purple really stood out.  My biggest issue though was just with the circumference of the pens.  The bodies of these pens are so slim that for me they were tedious and difficult to write with.  Longer writing sessions, or even just trying to be more precise with these pens presented a challenge because of the fine motor skills required to adequately control the movements of the pens.  Additionally its just hard to even uncap, recap, or post the cap of these because they are so narrow and require such precise navigation to accomplish these tasks. Overall the MyLifeUNIT Fineliner (really, its terrible) are at best adequate and serviceable, but the fact that they are an “Amazon’s Choice” should at least lead you to question ANY product you aren’t familiar with where that tag as been applied.  These just aren’t aht great of an option, but somehow they have that tag plus an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 over 597 customer reviews.  Seems fishy to me, you would be 100x better served with some Sharpie Pens (via Amazon), but you can see the naming monstrosity of the MyLifeUNIT Fineliner here on Amazon if you prefer to settle for mediocre instead though.

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