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Mysterious and fragrant violet

  • By Edward Smith
  • Published 12/20/2010
  • Non-Fiction

Wedding is a holy matter, as the most important day of the couple, wearing the best robe to welcome the wonderful moment. The wedding dress showed the character of Satin, silky and soft, looking like the floating water. In order to appear the leggy of the lady, the robe adopted the A-line design, which is keeping legs bare for the sexiest look and finishing off it with amazing high heels. The diamond halter twisted together to show a lady¡¯s nice collarbone and beautiful shoulder, which match the shinny earring and bracelet. As a whole, the Ruffles with one hole set the dress apart from the tedium. It is the eye of the robe. Standing in the crowd, floating with the wind, the purple butterfly is opening her wrings, not for flying but revealing the fragrant, beautiful and gorgeous. The combination of them displayed a sense of leggy, busty and skinny. Walking across the wedding, I¡¯m the focus. All the eyes would keep leading towards me, all the gentlemen would stop stepping in front of me, and time would stagnate for that moment. Ceremony is freezing except me. Just like the Violet, so deep, soft, and elegant but without splurge. Choosing the halter Maxi dress, allowing for all the flowing beauty of a Grecian Goddess with showing strapless style set off an upsurge in the party. Combine the gorgeous robe with my solemnity. All the praise and wishes would flood to me without doubts. What should I do? I should stand straight and keep smiling to the guests; holding the bouquet; smelling the sweetness of the lovely flower; waiting for the bridegroom¡¯s coming. Wearing a veil, going with Wedding March, coming up into the church to finish exchanging our vows to love and be faithful to each other until death separates us.


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