Myths About Mormons

There are many religions in the world, and most are misunderstood by people who have nothing to do with them. Unfortunately, humans tend to be ignorant and rather see life only through their eyes. They inherently believe their beliefs are the only right ones. This causes many myths to be propagated throughout history, passed down through generations, creating unfair stigmas for people who don’t deserve them. One such misunderstood group is Mormons.

Mormons are a branch of Christianity, much like Jehovah’s Witness and Protestants. Mormons believe in God, and that Jesus was his son through virgin birth by Mary. He inherited death from his mortal mother, and the ability to be resurrected and live eternally from his father. What sets them apart the most from Christianity is their addition of holy texts like the book of Mormon.

So, why are they stigmatized? Sure, they might do some things differently and have had uncommon practices in the past, but to each their own. They are now caught up with the 21st century and are quite a modern religion. Let’s explore some of the myths about Mormons.

One of the most popular myths about Mormons is that they still engage in polygamy, or the marriage of more than one wife. This practice has been long abandoned when federal law made it illegal for a man to have more than one spouse back in 1890. Sure, there are the Mormon “extremists” who do in fact condone this practice, but these sects usually live in compounds much like the ones depicted on the popular HBO series Big Love. However, it is important not to judge all Mormons based on this, just like we cannot judge all Muslims as being terrorists.

Another myth about Mormons is that they do not allow the use of birth control. While not necessarily encouraged, Mormons are left to make this decision on their own. With modern times come modern problems, such as financial concerns with having too many children whom you cannot support, so the LDS church has left this issue up to each individual. They do however believe that the more extensive their family, the more joy they will have in the afterlife.

An addition to this list of myths about Mormons would have to be that they all dress and behave in the same way. Yes, they do share a strong belief in their faith, and try to live and abide by it. But this by no means signifies that all Mormons are the same! They do not all wear the same dress or hairstyles, nor do they all have the same thoughts. We are all human, and all different by nature. This myth about Mormons has no root in reality, for there are Mormons in all countries with vastly varied backgrounds, educations , and individual situations.

Bottom line is religions differ in many ways that humans might not understand. However, instead of propagating fake myths that have been around for centuries, we should take a look at the modernity of things, and accept everyone for who they are and not what faith they belong to.


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