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Namiki Iroshizuku TsukiYo Moonlight Fountain Pen Ink


Namiki Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo Moonlight Fountain Pen Ink – 50 ml Bottle

Back when I ordered my TWSBI 540 Demonstrator, I also grabbed some of this Pilot Namiki Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo Moonlight Fountain Pen Ink from Goldspot, with a nice little discount there from my friends.  Now that I have a few weeks worth of use of this ink under my belt, I’m really pleased with it and thought I’d share my thoughts on it with you on this ink that falls into the premium and blue black categories.


Namiki Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo Moonlight Inside the Bottle

On the inside glass walls of the bottle, and the cap as well, you can see the vibrant blue shade of this ink from Namiki, which is called Tsuki-Yo and has what I would consider a mostly blue-black ink feel to it.  It does also have very slight hint of green that lightens it up just a bit.  The thing I really like about that little difference is that many blue black inks that are used with a fine or extra fine nib tend to look so dark that they look black.  Even with an extra fine nib you can still pick up the blue and slight bit of green in the lines that this ink lays down.  Additionally, the Namiki Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo Moonlight Fountain Pen Ink does show a bit of shading, which again is impressive when you consider that I have exclusively used it in a pen with an extra fine nib.


Namiki Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo Moonlight Back of Bottle

One cool thing to note about the bottle is easily seen in this rear shot above.  At the base you can see that there is a pointed drop below the rest of the ink, which is there so you can get the nib all the way into the bottle so that when the ink is almost gone, you can still get as much out as possible.


Namiki Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo Moonlight Writing Sample

The writing sample above shows some of the great color and tone that separate this ink from other blue black inks.  You can also see that it behaves pretty nicely on this Levenger Rhodia paper.  It does not feather and it didn’t show through the backside at all.  The dry time is a shade on the long side at about 5 seconds, but that has more to do with the paper, as when I tried it on more standard paper, it dried within about 2 seconds.  One thing I’d like to do with this ink is put it in a pen with a broad or italic nib to get a better look at the shading.  Maybe once I do that I will revisit this review with an updated writing sample.  Until then, I would definitely recommend picking up some  Pilot Namiki Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo Moonlight Fountain Pen Ink even though it is a bit more of an expensive premium ink.

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