Natural Cures for Diaper Rash


Authored by Ceetee Sheckels in Child and Teen Health
Published on 10-25-2009

Anyone who has ever had youngsters knows that diaper rash is much more than a minor annoyance. It can make a baby uncomfortable and unhappy, be stressful to the parent who does not know how to deal with it, and even lead to infection and other problems if it is not treated properly. If you don’t like to use a lot of medicinal products on your baby, you may be interested in some natural cures for diaper rash instead.

One natural remedy which you may already have at home is cornstarch. Not only does cornstarch work on its own, it is also a main ingredient in many baby powders. Cornstarch will help to promote the healing of a diaper rash, while keeping your baby’s skin clean and fresh at the same time. As many pediatricians and parents during the last few decades have believed it best to avoid the use of commercial baby powders due to infants breathing the fumes, this issue does not exist with cornstarch. This all-natural, healthy product is safe for your baby.

Olive oil is another natural cure for diaper rash. When it is used sparingly, it will help to promote healing of the rash. You can also get the same effect from cod liver oil.

Aloe vera gel is known for its healing properties. While you may know that it is often used to heal burns, insect bites, and minor injuries which include breaks in the skin, you may not know that it is also an excellent way to deal with diaper rash. Your baby can have healthier, smoother skin from the use of aloe vera gel.

There are two basic forms of diaper rashes. One form is a yeast rash. A yeast rash will appear as small blisters. This kind of rash will respond to small amounts of room-temperature yogurt applied on a regular basis. It works by killing the yeast infection which has caused the rash. Contact rashes, which occur from the skin being in contact with soiled diapers, require a different kind of treatment. Contact rashes are characterized by reddened skin. One natural remedy for this type of diaper rash is calendula ointment. While calendula ointment can be found in specialty stores, you can also make it at home. In addition to relieving diaper rash by preventing inflammation of the skin, calendula ointment also has antibacterial qualities.

In order for any of these natural cures for diaper rash to work effectively, the baby’s skin must be kept as clean and dry as possible on a consistent basis. If you want your baby to be free from diaper rashes, or cured of one which he has already developed, he needs to be changed frequently. This includes thoroughly but gently washing his skin, and making sure that it is completely dry before using one of these natural cures and giving him a fresh diaper. A little time and effort is all that it takes to prevent or cure a diaper rash, and have a happier, healthier infant.


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