Natural Cures for Earaches

Earaches can be caused by many things. Regardless of whether your earache has been brought on by a cold, excess ear wax, or an infection, the most important thing is reducing the discomfort. Anyone having experienced an earache can attest to the fact that it is one of the most aggravating and painful ailments an individual can experience. The ear throbs, and in severe cases the pain can find itself traveling into the jaw or behind the eyes.

Although the pain from an earache can be treated with pharmaceuticals, natural remedies can also be utilized. In this article I will share these natural cures to help alleviate the discomfort of an earache. These natural cures for earaches are safe to use on the entire family.

The following treatments are the best natural cures for earaches that I have found:

Placing 1-2 drops of warm sweet oil in each ear (or olive oil- it’s the same thing really) is one of the best natural cures for an earache. After dispensing the oil in the ear, place a cotton ball in the earlobe to keep the oil inside the earlobe. Allow the oil to sit for up to 5 minutes. Tilt your head to drain any excess oil that may still be inside the ear.

A warm compress created by heating a damp washcloth can be utilized as a cure for an earache. The moisture emanating from the washcloth can aid the circulation within the ear. For added relief apply sea salt in the washcloth to help draw out any swelling.

Garlic oil can be an effective natural cure for earaches as well. This method would be performed in the same manner as with the olive oil treatment. Place a few drops into the earlobe and allow it to sit in the earlobe. Garlic is a highly effective antibiotic and can draw out any infection present.

Onion oil is also beneficial in the treatment of an earache. Onions contain natural antibiotic properties similar to garlic but in a higher level.

While not a popular natural remedy, urine therapy has been proven to cure many ailments including earaches. This natural remedy for earaches consists of placing a few drops of one’s urine into the earlobe.

These natural cures for earaches are practical and easy to use. They will typically provide relief within the first or second “dosing”. It is safe to continue these treatments several times a day for several days. In the event that you find these treatments are not aiding in the relief of your earache, you may be experiencing an infection.

If you suspect you have an ear infection, you should consult your physician. He or she can provide an antibiotic to kill the infection. These natural cures for earaches are typically most effective in earaches caused by irritations. It is for this reason that they should only be used for a few days. Anything lasting for more than a few days can also suggest an ear infection.


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