Natural Cures for Hemorrhoids

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, it is probably not something you want to openly discuss. You might even be too embarrassed to ask your doctor for some remedies for your condition. Fortunately, there are some natural cures for hemorrhoids. Even if the natural treatments do not totally eliminate hemorrhoids, they will help to ease your discomfort and hopefully limit outbreaks.

Hemorrhoids can be caused by frequent bouts of constipations and other difficulties with a bowel movement. You can work to treat the cause in order to eliminate your hemorrhoids. The first thing you will want to consider is having a diet that is higher in fiber. You can add more fiber to your diet by eating more foods with whole grains. Try to add vegetables such as carrots, cabbage and asparagus to your diet. Eat plenty of beans and any other foods that you know are high in fiber. If you need help creating a diet with enough fiber, you can also talk to your physician.

You can also supplement fiber into your diet using dietary fiber supplements. Apple juice, prune juice and even prunes can help to treat attacks of constipation and lead to less problems with hemorrhoids. Drink water throughout the day so that you can easily drink a minimum of eight glasses in a twenty-four hour period.

You can decrease your chances of hemorrhoids or help to cure your condition by eating a diet that will make your body PH more basic. Do not eat many citrus foods. Cut out or reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages you drink. You also cut down on caffeinated drinks of any type.

Over-the-counter creams offer more natural cures for hemorrhoids. Some of the creams that you find at your local pharmacy can be very effective and even eliminate a mild case of hemorrhoids. You can also use Vaseline to help sooth your hemorrhoids. It is safe to use and can help to lessen the effects of your condition. Believe it or not, you can also try using diaper rash creams to treat the discomfort from your hemorrhoids.

Another treatment for the discomfort of hemorrhoids that you might find effective is using ice packs. You can use icepacks where you are feeling pain for a soothing affect. You can use the ice for up to fifteen minutes at a time. Try this treatment four or five times per day. Just remember to place a wash cloth or some other cloth over your pack of ice or commercial ice pack before use.

Hemorrhoid pads can be effective in treating the pain and discomfort when you have a problem with hemorrhoids. Tucks and other over-the-counter pads can be used to bring you some relief. Most pads use witch hazel or other substances to help reduce swelling and relive itching and any associated pain. The pads are warn inside your underwear and on one will know you are wearing them.

The best cure for hemorrhoids is trying to prevent them. The best way to do this is to follow the methods to help reduce the risk of constant constipation.


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